Fast Recovery, Fast Results: Why I Won’t Choose Any Other Aesthetic Doctor for Thread Lifts

I’ve always been honest about going for aesthetic treatments with my followers.

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My First Time Getting a Boob Job at 48

As a woman in my late 40s, I had begun to lose confidence in my body due to my sagging and small breasts. I’ve always wanted to explore getting a boob job to fix my small and droopy breasts, which is getting worse over age. Six months ago, I decided to go for it.

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“21st Century Lift Without Surgery”: A Man’s Experience with Silhouette Soft Face Threadlift

I am a man in my 40s from Indonesia. Over the years, I’ve noticed considerable facial sagging especially around my cheeks and lower jaw area. I tried to ignore these inevitable signs of ageing initially, but as a man, comments like “you’ve aged a lot” affect me too. 

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How I Achieve Brighter and Tighter Skin Without Needles or Lasers

Moving to the UK has done wonders for my personal and family’s well being – but not so much my skin. 

While the cold, dry weather here does reduce acne breakouts and keeps sun spots at bay, I’ve had to deal with terribly dry skin; it lacks shine and firmness due to dehydration. 

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