How Double Eyelids Skyrocketed My Confidence

Hi everyone, I’m leaving a review here in hopes that someone would benefit from it. I know any cosmetic surgery, no matter how “small” it is, is a huge deal to the one undergoing it. A lot of thought goes into the decision-making process and I hope my review will give you the confidence you need. 

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Pico Laser Review At Become Aethetics Clinic

I had some freckles on my face and temple area (very light) and 1 dark pigmented spot near my right ear called Solar Lentigo!

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Breast Augmentation Review With Dr Vincent Tay of Artisan Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Hi everyone! My name is Jia Wei and here’s my review of how my breast augmentation went. As a teenager, I shed a lot of weight and was pretty proud of myself. However, slowly (but surely) my breasts shrunk as well. At the young age of 15, my desire for a breast enhancement procedure kicked in.

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