“21st Century Lift Without Surgery”: A Man’s Experience with Silhouette Soft Face Threadlift

I am a man in my 40s from Indonesia. Over the years, I’ve noticed considerable facial sagging especially around my cheeks and lower jaw area. I tried to ignore these inevitable signs of ageing initially, but as a man, comments like “you’ve aged a lot” affect me too. 

It came to the point where I actually considered a surgical facelift – because a) I was told a facelift is the best option for long lasting results and b) non-surgical aesthetic treatments work better for those trying to counter early signs of ageing. 

As I was searching for a doctor, I came across some Instagram posts by Dr Isaac Wong from The Artisan Clinic in Singapore. I was quite impressed by his portfolio as he specialises in anti ageing and lifting instead of the typical skin brightening/complexion treatments most aesthetic doctors only focus on. By good fortune, he was in Indonesia that week for a press conference too! 

I tried my luck and sent him a DM with my concerns – Dr Wong replied the day itself and recommended Silhouette Soft Threadlifts and sent over a bunch of before and after photos too. I managed to book an appointment with him at short notice. 

During the consultation, Dr Wong very patiently explained to me everything I needed to know about Silhouette Soft:

  • It is a threadlift treatment that has a lifting and regenerative effect (meaning effects will slowly take place continuously)
  • It is used specifically for facial contouring around the jaw, cheekbones, lower jaw, eyebrows and neck 
  • The procedure does not leave behind any scars 
  • There is no need for surgery
  • It is known in the US as the “21st century lift without surgery”

Long story short, I took a leap of faith and did the threadlift treatment. There was no hard selling on Dr Wong’s end; in fact he gave me time to sleep on my decision. 

Here are my results: 



I am extremely pleased! Definitely most impressed with the undereye and upper cheekbone area – I look a lot less ‘saggy’ and tired and a lot friendlier as well. What I love most about this treatment is its gradual results – it’s like I wake up to see myself get younger everyday! 

As for the treatment procedure, I wouldn’t say it’s totally painless – you would still feel some sensation, but it’s more like a slight tugging. I was not uncomfortable or worried at all as Dr Wong was very gentle. 

There is some downtime involved, but nothing too inconvenient – I could go to work the next day. 

I highly recommend this treatment to those who desire a younger and lifted face with results similar to a facelift. And yes, I am already planning a trip to Singapore for my next appointment with Dr Wong :) 


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