Cheap $88 Pico Laser Treatment too good to be true? Here’s my experience.

I’ve done a few aesthetic treatments for my pigmentation in the past and found the pico laser to be the best in terms of treatment results, efficiency and comfort. However, due to budget constraints as a young mother, it’s difficult for me to continue my sessions (the bill would always go up to >$300).

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I Finally Found the Kim Kardashian-Famous Treatment at The ONLY Clinic That Offers it in Singapore!

Two months ago, I tried Potenza microneedling with Dr Isaac Wong from The Artisan Clinic. It was my first time trying Potenza; I discovered this treatment from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page when she posted an IG story recently raving about Potenza for her pigmentation.

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Enhance your beauty with Dr Isaac Wong’s Ellansé treatment at The Artisan Clinic!

Last year, I tried and been quite happy with hyaluronic acid facial fillers – they definitely make a great impact right after but they do disappear gradually and need to be ‘topped up’ every 6 to 12 months to keep your refreshed new face.

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Dr Ng Hong Yi got rid of my melasma with Picolaser

When I was pregnant, I started to develop these dark spots on my face, even though I felt like I didn’t go under the sun a lot. Some of the patches faded after I gave birth but some remained. I felt so ugly and I really wanted to get rid of them.

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