I had overfilled cheek fillers, here’s how I rectified them: The Artisan Clinic review

It’s no secret that I achieve my supple, youthful skin with the help of aesthetic treatments. I’ve long been a fan of fillers due to their low downtime, almost immediate results and minimally invasive nature.

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Rehabbing a ATFL injury with The Sports & Physio Care Centre: A national athlete shares

I have been a national athlete for 13 years, and the biggest nightmare of my journey has always been injuries. Sustaining my first major injury of a torn AITFL & ATFL in my right ankle has made me very careful and learned the importance of recovery, rehabilitation, and strength training.

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How I Went From an A Cup to C Cup: Breast Augmentation Review with Allure Plastic Surgery

It took me more than 10 years to finally get my boob job, and officially end those years of feeling empty (I don’t know whether my bra or heart felt more empty lol). In those years, I did everything I could to enhance my breast size - Papaya milk, breast enhancing creams, massages, and more. But none of those tricks worked at all.

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How I achieved a V-shaped face in JUST 3 days with Dr Isaac Wong

Being a mum with triplets isn’t easy – my kids are energetic little bundles and I have no time to take care of my face at all. I workout quite often, and as much as it sculpts my body, unfortunately the effects of exercise do not apply much to my face shape.

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