Fat freeze helped me say goodbye to my “beer belly”!

People often think that only girls want to slim down, but I’m a guy and let me tell you this, I am absolutely sick of other people telling me I need to lose weight or exercise more. My family would make jokes about my “beer belly” even though I don’t even drink beer or any type of alcohol.

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Silhouette Soft Threadlift Review with Dr. Isaac Wong at The Artisan Clinic

About 4 months ago, I did a V-shape threadlift with Dr. Isaac Wong. However, after losing about 40 kg, I decided to do a neck threadlift because of the loose skin that my chin has. I wanted a more complete V-shaped face, so Dr. Isaac Wong from The Artisan Clinic recommended that I try Silhouette Soft, a procedure for my neck.

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I Did the Same Potenza Treatment as Kim Kardashian — at The Artisan Clinic!

I suffered from very bad acne in my teenage years. Though I did eventually manage to clear up the acne, they left me with horrible acne scars which plagued me for much of my early 20s. I had all sorts of acne scars possible — atrophic, boxcar, rolling and pitting acne scars.

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My Adult Acne Experience at Ozhean Zoey: Secret RF Review

I’ve always had relatively okay skin all my life, including my teenage years. There were occasional breakouts here and there, but nothing too harsh — so I thought I was blessed till I was hit with adult acne.

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