Artisan FUE Hair Transplant Saved My Life

My long-time struggle with hair treatments

Hair has always been super important for me. I think this is what most women feel. A good hair day is what makes us feel our most confident and we pray we don’t bump into others on bad hair days.

After years of going for so-called “hair treatments” and barely noticing any difference, I started feeling jaded. Not only was my hair not as voluminous as it used to be in my younger years, my bank account was suffering a lot as well. These hair treatments were only short-term and I would always have to return for follow-up treatment after a few months. 

This is when I started to look into hair transplant after the recommendation of my cousin. She said her husband decided to get a hair transplant and he is very happy with the results. He had his hair transplant done at Artisan Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic and had such good things to say about them — especially Dr. Vincent Tay. 


Despite the high reviews, I kept my expectations low because I didn’t want to be disappointed again. But with that being said, I still felt very impressed by their customer service on WhatsApp!

Firstly, the reply was so fast! Secondly, they patiently answered all my questions before I even made an appointment to see them. It was such a pleasant experience that I eventually decided to make an appointment. This initial interaction with them made me feel more positive about going for a consultation with Dr. Vincent.

My main concern going into the consultation was how permanent this procedure was going to be. Would I need to go for another procedure again in the future or not? It’s during this time when I found out that the only permanent solution to solving hair loss or to fix having less hair is with a hair transplant. So all my previous hair treatments were really only temporary and I was basically wasting my money.

At Artisan Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic, they use a procedure called FUE Hair Transplant, it has a success rate of 95%. It is a very discreet procedure where hair follicles and skin from the donor area are removed and transplanted to the area that needs it. Dr. Vincent reassured me that there is little to no pain during the procedure and very minimal downtime, so I can expect to return to my normal life not long after the procedure.


On the day of the surgery, they had to shave the donor area (this is the part of the head that will be removed and transplanted to the problem area). The Artisan team was so gentle even when shaving my head! They do something called stealth shaving so that you can still continue your normal everyday life without having an obvious bald spot on your head — it’s very hidden!

This is what I mean by discreet, with my hair down, you can’t even tell that the area is shaved!

After that was done, they had to inject the shaved spot with local anaesthesia so that I won’t feel any pain during the procedure.

While that was setting in, they patiently ran me through what was going to happen next and how long it would roughly take. I felt super reassured that everything will go well and my worries were eased as time passed.

I must warn you, you will definitely need to clear your schedule for the day because the whole procedure took 6 to 9 hours (but don’t worry, I got to have a break for my lunch in between)! This is because even though they were removing parts of my scalp, they still needed to graft each one onto the problem area. They told me most patients need around 500 to 2,000 grafts (which was me) but male patients need up to 3,000 grafts.

Everything went smoothly and it felt quite routine after a while. I even managed to take naps in between.

Recovery and Results

The whole recovery process didn’t take that long. But I did experience some swelling a few days after the procedure. It was quite painful the first few hours after, but all of this subsided and I didn’t notice it much.

It takes a few months for noticeable results and on some days I was so scared that I was part of the small percentage of unsuccessful clients but I just needed to trust the process! Just like normal hair growth, it takes time for hair to grow. So I just considered it as if my hair was growing out.

After about 6 months, I really started to notice how different my hair is! It’s so much thicker and fuller now! The hair growth is also very even, not patchy at all.

I’m so happy with the results and it has given me great self-confidence. It feels like everyday is a good hair day for me.

Dr Vincent and his team at Artisan really went above and beyond through the whole process. All my worries about getting it done were for nothing. I was well taken care of and the experience with them at their clinic was just so good. Thank you so much!

If you came across this and are unsure of getting this hair transplant done, please don’t put it off any longer. Just contact them on their WhatsApp with your questions and make your appointment for consultation. You won’t be disappointed!


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