Artisan Thermage FLX: Maximum Power, Minimum Pain. Are their claims for real? Jamie Yeo finds out

My followers and friends know that I’m no stranger to facial and aesthetic treatments. However, you may be surprised to hear that I’ve been hesitant about getting any treatment around my eyes because the eyelid area is so sensitive. 

Nevertheless, I recently started to notice that the skin in my eyelid area has become thinner over time, and my eyes are starting to look tired as I get older. So, knowing that I can’t put off getting eye treatment any longer, I was persuaded by the prospect of having a fresher and more youthful lift around my eyes. After all, at my age, I have to go all out to maintain my youth!

I considered a few eyelid treatments but I didn’t want to go through a lot of pain or waste my money on treatments that don’t work. I was also looking for a naturally youthful look without the need for surgery. When he heard what I was looking for, Dr. Mark Lim from The Artisan Clinic recommended Thermage® FLX High Power, a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy.

Thermage® FLX
The Artisan Clinic is well-versed in Thermage® FLX.

At first, I wasn’t convinced. I had heard that Thermage® FLX is known to be a painful procedure that most patients can’t stand, resulting in poor results. But, Dr. Mark told me that the doctors at The Artisan Clinic have their own special technique that reduces discomfort and pain. In fact, it’s so effective that many of their clients can get Thermage® FLX done at the maximum power setting. How amazing! After hearing this and based on my previous experiences with The Artisan Clinic, I knew I could trust them and decided to give it a go.

High power, little pain 

Dr. Mark Lim knows I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to pain, so he was very reassuring during the treatment. It was such a pleasant experience that I was even laughing away by the time they did my second eye. He definitely has amazing skills! 

He applied numbing cream on my eye area along with their special techniques before the procedure started.  He told me that all the doctors at The Artisan Clinic use this ‘high power, little pain’ technique. That sounds like an oxymoron, but trust me, I experienced it for myself and it’s true! 

During the treatment, I was surprised that I was actually able to withstand the maximum power setting around my eyebrows. Yes, they also work on your brow area to ensure maximal rejuvenation and lift! I asked for a lower power around my actual eyelids because I was still a bit scared, so my average energy was 4.7 out of 5, which is still amazing.

The doctors at The Artisan Clinic are really skilled and know what they’re doing. After all, they do their Artisan Thermage® FLX High Power Minimal Pain method every day! This was the power I did – remember to ask your doctor to show you the average power he did for you to get your money’s worth.

Thermage® FLX
Don’t forget to ask your doctor to show you the power he used for your Thermage® FLX treatment!

It has been more than two months and I’m convinced that this treatment was the right way to go. The great thing about this procedure is the long-lasting results that you can get in just a short time. I’m a busy person and I don’t often have the time to go for multiple sessions. I also wanted to get back to my regular routine as soon as possible after the procedure. 

One of the best things about this treatment is that only one session is needed to achieve a youthful eyelift. There is also virtually no downtime and I could just jump back into my day without needing any time to rest or recover. The whole procedure was quick too–  it just took about 42 minutes, perfect for a lunch-time procedure! 


The eye-opening results 

Following the procedure, I could immediately see and feel the effects of the eyelift. I was amazed at how my face instantly brightened up with a less tired and fresher look, and how the skin around my eye area was tightened. 

It’s now been over 2 months, and I’m still seeing results as continuous collagen production takes place over 2 to 6 months after your treatment. My eye area is looking better, fresher, and more youthful over time. As this treatment stimulates your body’s own collagen production, it looks really natural too. What a gratifying experience!
I believe that when it comes to eye treatments such as Thermage® FLX, it’s really important where you go because it is done on a very sensitive area of your face. Plus, if you can’t stand the pain, the results won’t be as effective. I highly recommend you get it done at The Artisan Clinic as they are very skilled and their technique to reduce pain and discomfort really works! 

Thank you Dr. Mark Lim! 
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