Bloggers dish out on effective teeth whitening treatments in Singapore

Do you ever see toothpaste ads and envy the models whose smiles are brightened up by their radiant white teeth?

Stains from caffeine and tobacco are just some of the many reasons that can contribute to the teeth’s yellowish color.

Thanks to advancements in aesthetic dentistry, there are now ways to achieve those highly coveted pearly whites! This article sums up the experience of four Singapore bloggers with teeth whitening.

1. Teeth whitening by Tiffany Yong

Would you believe that actress and beauty blogger Tiffany Yong has teeth woes, too? She does! In her blog, Tiffany confesses that having white teeth is important for an actress like her as the teeth’s colour is in plain sight, especially when the camera zooms in to her face.

The first step of her teeth whitening experience was a consultation with a dental clinic. Tiffany also comments about the experiences of some bloggers whose teeth whitening treatments were done in beauty salons instead of dental clinics. Some reported not seeing any remarkable change to their teeth. Tiffany advises that, as per Singapore’s Ministry of Health, teeth whitening products that contain more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide should be handled solely by dental experts.

Tiffany’s teeth are compared to a colour palette as part of her assessment.

Moving on, Tiffany narrates that her teeth and gums were assessed meticulously. After the assessment, Tiffany’s teeth were cleaned. Plaques and tartar were removed as these can hinder the whitening solution to do its work on the teeth. Although the whitening procedure can proceed after this, Tiffany shares that her dentist discouraged it as the teeth may be extra sensitive following the cleaning. Adhering to her dentist’s advice, Tiffany opted to come back another day for her teeth whitening treatment.

Day 2! Tiffany went back to the clinic for her teeth whitening. Prior to the procedure, the colour of her teeth was compared to a palette in order to assess the original colour of the teeth. Tiffany mentions that she had to wear a cheek retractor piece to protect her skin from being tainted by the whitening solution. She was also asked to take 2 Panadol pills to minimize sensitivity or aches when the procedure commences.

The brand that was used on Tiffany’s teeth is Inno White. She says that this brand gave lasting results as compared to the others that the clinic has tried. Before applying the whitening solution, a gum protector is applied to Tiffany’s mouth.

The LED light device is set over the teeth of Tiffany to activate the whitening gel.

Next, the peroxide whitening gel is applied to her teeth with care. A blue LED light, called OSRAM, is then fixed onto Tiffany’s teeth to activate the gel, gradually bleaching the stains on her teeth. The gel is then left to finish the whitening process, which takes up to a maximum of 20 minutes. The same process is done twice.

Mission accomplished! Tiffany’s teeth are lighter than before!

Talking about results, Tiffany happily reveals that her teeth whitened by 2 shades from its original stained colour! Regarding pain or discomfort, she says that she did not feel any at all. She credits this to the fact that her treatment was done in two separate sessions. She discloses that two of her friends who completed the cleaning and whitening treatment in one go complained about sensitivity during their procedures. However, Tiffany notes that she felt “occasional stabs of freezing” after the painkillers have lost their effect. The pain felt was temporary and, for aftercare, she was given toothpaste that had desensitizing properties to help ease her teeth’s sensitivity.

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2. Led teeth whitening review by Shanel Kiehl

Shanel shares in her blog that the stubborn teeth stains that she has are caused by smoking, coffee drinking, and braces. She mentions that it took her a bit of time to actually get the treatment as she was concerned about its cost and she did not know any reputable clinic that offered the procedure. Eventually, one clinic in Singapore sent her an email, offering their teeth whitening services.

Shanel learns more about the teeth whitening procedure as the therapist explains this to her.

On the day of her treatment, Shanel shares that she was briefed on what to expect during the teeth whitening process. The current colour of her teeth was shown to her and the clinic’s therapist informed her of the effect that she may feel, albeit temporarily.

Spoiler alert: the mouth will be wide open for 45 minutes for the LED teeth whitening treatment.

Shanel narrates that she was ushered into another room where the teeth whitening procedure was done. She mentions that a whitening gel was applied to her teeth. Prior to this, a cheek retractor was placed on her mouth and a layer of lip balm to protect her lips from excessive drying that may be caused by the LED light. Once the whitening gel has been applied, the LED light is administered onto the teeth. The LED whitening treatment was done twice. Each treatment lasted for 20 minutes. Shanel recalls not feeling any pain, however she says that she felt some discomfort as her teeth was widely exposed for 45 minutes.

No more stubborn teeth stains

All the discomfort soon paid off as the treatment ended and left Shanel’s teeth 2 to 6 shades lighter than the state it was in before the procedure. Shanel also discloses that her teeth were a bit sore and sensitive following the treatment, but this subsided after a day. She advices to skip food that are tainted with food colouring two weeks after the LED teeth whitening treatment. Food and drinks that are wither extremely hot or cold should also be avoided within 3 days after the treatment. Smoking is a no-no, too. All in all, Shanel expresses her satisfaction with her teeth whitening experience!

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3. Review: Led teeth whitening by Michelle

Michelle opens up her quick to read blog review by sharing the cause of her teeth’s stain: her love for coffee.

As soon as she arrived at the clinic, Michelle says that she was met by a consultant who explained to her the treatment that is ideal for her teeth’s condition. She explains that the teeth whitening using LED lighting works to lighten the teeth effectively in just under an hour. Michelle’s teeth were assessed and compared with a colour palette, which identified her teeth’s current shade: Shade 22.

The colour of Michelle’s teeth was a Shade 22.

For this kind of stain, Michelle tells that an intensive LED teeth whitening treatment was recommended for her teeth. At the time this treatment cost $398 and is notably much more expensive than a regular treatment. What is the difference between an intensive and a regular treatment? Michelle discloses that a regular LED teeth whitening treatment uses a non-peroxide gel, while an intensive treatment used a peroxide gel. When used with the LED light, the peroxide gel soaks the teeth’s surface, removing the stain faster.

Peroxide gel works faster in whitening the teeth with the use of LED light.

The first step to Michelle’s teeth whitening is the application of a thick layer of balm on her lips. This is to protect the lips during the treatment. Following this, Michelle mentions that a gingival barrier is placed over the gums. Next, the peroxide or non-peroxide gel is administered to the teeth. The LED light is then placed over the teeth to set the whitening properties of the gel in motion. Michelle reveals that the reapplication and administration of the gel and LED light were done three times. Each application was processed for 15 minutes.

From Shade 22 to Shade 14 thanks to an intensive LED teeth whitening treatment!

For side effects, Michelle divulges that her teeth became a bit sensitive for about three days following the treatment. From a Shade 22, Michelle’s teeth became four shades lighter! 

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4. Led teeth whitening by Tyler

To say that aesthetic dentistry only applies to women is not true. For Tyler, he says that he has become more mindful of taking good care of his teeth after spending loads of money on braces. Part of keeping his teeth in tiptop shape is making them sparkly and white! Hence, teeth whitening!

Tyler’s yellowish teeth before the whitening procedure.

For his treatment, Tyler shares that his entire LED teeth whitening made his teeth lighter by four shades! He adds that coloured food like curry or habits, such as smoking, needs to be skipped after a treatment.

Tyler’s teeth appear lighter and brighter after just one session of LED teeth whitening.

For costs, Tyler says that his teeth whitening cost around $180. However, it is always best to check with the clinic first to know about the exact rates.

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