Breast Augmentation Review With Dr Vincent Tay of Artisan Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Hi everyone! My name is Jia Wei and here’s my review of how my breast augmentation went. As a teenager, I shed a lot of weight and was pretty proud of myself. However, slowly (but surely) my breasts shrunk as well. At the young age of 15, my desire for a breast enhancement procedure kicked in.

Maintaining a fit body was a non-negotiable for me but I was pretty bothered by how small my chest was. Breasts represented womanhood to me and the lack of volume made me feel insecure. This was mostly because I didn’t like the way clothes looked on me– don’t even get me started on beach days! 

Look at my boobs! Nothing at all. :(

I knew at that age,  I was too young to take any drastic actions. I watched many videos and read many stories online about other women’s experiences. I bought all sorts of push up bras, “chicken fillets”, and even resorted to stuffing my bra cups with tissue! So trust me when I say, I tried it all. 

I did all I could in my teens to make myself seem more “womanly”.  I had also read about some women who went on to remove their breast implants in their adulthood and perceived their experience to be unnecessary. I didn’t want to be one of those people. I wanted to see if having smaller breasts is something that could grow on me and to just give “staying natural” a chance.

As years passed, I realised it was something I just couldn’t come to terms with and that breast augmentation was a possibility that excited me way too much. 

At the ripe age of 25 (yes, I really did take my time) I finally decided it was time to fulfil my desire. I wanted no less than the best doctor in Singapore for my procedure, so I researched extensively before deciding on Artisan Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery as my entrusted fairy godmother. I booked a consultation with Dr Vincent Tay and got down to business. 

Before discussing which treatment was best for me, I had to undergo a physical examination and schedule a mammogram. These were just safety precautions to make sure I was a suitable, risk-free candidate for a breast augmentation procedure. This was a fairly quick process but I was getting more and more eager (can you blame me? I’ve waited forever!).

Dr Tay taking down my measurements (very important for a symmetric, proportionate boobs apparently).


Breast Implants
Discussing the different types of breast implants with Dr Tay.

Having cleared the physical examination we got down to exploring my options. Two of my requirements were:

  1. I wanted full breasts that looked natural and proportionate to my body type. 
  2. A procedure that didn’t come in the way of my fitness journey (didn’t want to reverse the progress of my chest muscles).

Given my requirements, I was advised to take up a breast augmentation procedure. The whole consultation process was genuinely fun for me! A highlight of my experience was the Crisalix Imaging System which gave me a visual idea of what different breast sizes looked like on me. 

This was transformational for me, personally, because I realised the size I had in mind didn’t actually suit my body and I got to refine my decision accordingly. I was also given the opportunity to touch and feel different implant types to decide which suited me best. 

Here’s me getting an idea of what my boobies might feel like!

On the day of the surgery, I was super nervous. I was afraid I might feel pain and just generally quite anxious. Thankfully, the nurses were comforting me (giving me some last-minute support). No one tells you how much emotional support one needs even for things like breast augmentation.

Before I knew it, I was brought into the surgery room and went under the knife! When the procedure was over and I was cleared after observation, I stayed in a hotel so I wouldn’t have to exert myself travelling to the clinic if I needed to. Recovery from breast augmentation was not as bad as I anticipated. 

The bodily feeling I had when the surgery was done can be best described as the sensation after an intense chest workout in the gym. I was feeling quite sore and tight around my chest. I also felt quite lethargic so I made the most of my days off to sleep and recover. 

I didn’t get to see the transformation till the third day but it was clear my breasts were way more voluminous than before. I was in a chest bind of some sort to keep my breasts intact. On day 3 when I got to see myself, I was ecstatic!! My breasts turned out way better than I could have possibly imagined. 

As the days passed and the healing process was in full force, they just got better and better. They were a bit high to begin with but Dr Tay reassured me that it’s normal and they would “settle” down eventually. My breasts were perkier and they definitely felt like a part of my own body versus feeling like some foreign attachment to my body.

before and after breast implants
Now, my boobs look natural and proportionate compared to before. My favourite before and after photo of my breasts!

After a sufficient healing period, I got back to my daily routine, with a difference of newfound, triple-fold confidence. Not to be dramatic but life changed quite significantly for me. I even got a swimwear sponsor! I don’t regret the time I took to get my breast augmentation, it just made this journey a lot more satisfying and sweet. You wouldn’t think boob jobs could have such significance in life quality but, I can attest that it does. Everyone has the right to live an empowering life and if that means getting a breast augmentation, so be it. 

I am so relieved that I picked Artisan Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery as my treatment provider. I was undoubtedly in the good and skilled hands of Dr Vincent Tay, he genuinely cared about me and prioritised my satisfaction. I was not just another “case” to treat. After my breast augmentation, I decided I’m never going to anyone else for any form of treatment anymore. 

Here’s a compilation of photos where you can really see the difference in my boobs,  before and after my breast augmentation. 

Before and after of breat augmentation surgery.
Look at how amazing my boobs look now compared to previously!


You can watch my brief testimonial on my Instagram reel if you’re curious what drove me to get a breast augmentation procedure done. 

Below are the videos available on my TikTok to share what every step was like for me. Join me on my social media platforms to watch my journey as I believe it can help you get the confidence you need for your own breast augmentation procedure. 

Relevant videos:

Day of surgery


reaction video at day 3)

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