Cheap $88 Pico Laser Treatment too good to be true? Here’s my experience.

I’ve done a few aesthetic treatments for my pigmentation in the past and found the pico laser to be the best in terms of treatment results, efficiency and comfort. However, due to budget constraints as a young mother, it’s difficult for me to continue my sessions (the bill would always go up to >$300).

Recently, I came across a $88 Pico Laser advertisement on Facebook and immediately enquired because $88 is really cheap! The staff handling their social media was pretty quick with their responses and scheduled me for an appointment within the week itself. They also asked if I was on any medication or suffering from any illness that might put me at risk.

The clinic was nice, clean and comfortable, and the staff were very kind to me. Overall quite a chill and friendly vibe. Registration was a smooth process; it involved explaining the treatment I was signing up for and signing an indemnity form.

I was later eased into the treatment room where the staff applied cream on my face for about 2-3 minutes. The doctor explained the whole procedure to me and said that it would take 4-5 sessions to see visible results. I was a little upset but I agreed to proceed anyway because I was already there and as mentioned, all the other Pico Laser pigmentation treatments cost me more than $300 in the past.

The entire procedure was pretty fast, only about 15 minutes in total. I didn’t really feel any discomfort either. But I was quite shocked that it was the clinic assistant who applied moisturiser instead of the doctor.

True to their promotion price, my session indeed cost $88, but after GST I paid about $94++. As expected they did try to sell me packages and informed me that the original price for their pico laser package was $3000 for 10 sessions, but if I signed up there and then I could get a special price of $2400. Thankfully, they didn’t push me or try to hard sell when I rejected them.

Downtime wise, I was clearly told that there would be NO downtime but I experienced redness and itchiness for 4 days. Granted, my skin is more on the sensitive side but I’m still quite disappointed as I would have appreciated it if I was told these potential side effects may happen. From what I understand, pico lasers in general should not have that much long and severe downtime too.

Sure I may have paid a price ($88) that’s A LOT cheaper compared to other clinics - but I don’t think it should be in exchange for such side effects, especially if the clinic’s strategy is to retain customers and encourage them to sign on packages.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this $88 pico laser treatment even though it’s extremely affordable. Is it too good to be true? Unfortunately, yes. I do have to commend the clinic staff for their service and professionalism though. Just a pity it didn’t work out this time!

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