A collection of reviews about thermage from Singapore

Thanks to technology, skin care and rehabilitation procedures are now becoming less invasive, less painful and minimal to no down time, but promises a long term, younger looking skin effect.

You can definitely do something to get rid of sagging skin and regain that young and fresh look.

Thermage is the up and rising sought of skin tightening procedure that uses laser technology to reach deep into the collagen layer of your skin. The process tightens the collagen and it stimulates the production of new collagen which is responsible for tightening and smoothens the skin and reduces sagging. Unlike other Ultratherapy procedures, Thermage only require one session to see results.

Thermage therapy is not only good for facial skin tightening. It also works with other parts of the body such as stretch marks in the stomach, arms and legs. Any bulging and wrinkling skin can be addressed by Thermage. It can reduce the emergence and increase of cellulite. Seeing the effects may vary from immediately after the procedure to a couple months, depending on the skin condition before the procedure. Its lasting results may also vary depending on aging process and skin health.

With little to no downtime, a less invasive and proven safe, let’s learn why Thermage is becoming the more popular skin tightening procedure.

1. Thermage review Singapore by Jacqueline Koh

Jacqueline Koh’s chin implant removal surgery has just healed when she thought about getting a face lift. However, not wanting another invasive procedure and preferring to have a light skin tightening procedure done, she researched and learned about Thermage.

Jacqueline’s eyes had fine lines around the area and due to aging, she started to show loose jowls, slightly sagging skin around the face and turkey neck. Of course, she wanted to get rid of these and maintain and tight, young looking skin.

Thermage grid paper is used to mark the areas of the face that will be focused on.

Jacqueline chose Thermage because of its non-invasive, non-painful procedure and it does not have a downtime. For her, this is a perfect choice if you prefer to be on the go and have no spare time away from your social life or work.

When Jacqueline went in for her Thermage session, she was confident about this choice. During the session, she felt no pain at all and only felt a mildly warm sensation. Jacqueline was able to see the full and optimal result of her one Thermage session about 4 months after, but she was very happy to share that even without fillers or botox procedures, her skin is tightened, her nasal folds are less obvious and she looked years younger.

Overall contour and jowls of the face look younger and are more tightened.

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2. I tried a non-invasive skin-tightening treatment that may last for years by Eugene Quek

Eugene Quek describes Thermage therapy as a ‘lunchtime lift’, which means that this procedure is a quick and easy fix for sagging skin the face, and you can literally go out for lunch from your workplace, do a Thermage, and go back to your workplace with your colleagues totally not of the know where you went or what you had.

Eugene uses creams and treatments for the skin, especially sagging skin around the face. However, when you need that extra push, there’s no shame in admitting that you need to get a face lift treatment. Eugene learned about Thermage and was immediately impressed of the results this procedure promises.

Markings from the Thermage grid paper to identify the areas for treatment.

Eugene Quek shared that Thermage is a natural collagen producing procedure that helps your skin tissues reproduce and rebuild. Does the procedure hurt? While Eugene felt a little prickly from the heat and warm sensations, these were definitely bearable and not painful at all.

The results may come at least 2 months after the session, or depending on the natural collagen production of your skin. However, you will see gradual results with fresher face and tight skin as the days go.

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3. Thermage: overview and 1-month review by Candine Chen

For Candace Chen, prevention is better than cure, or in the case of skin care, it is better to protect the skin from aging and sagging while you are still young than when your skin already starts to show signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and less tight skin. Although Candace’s skin did not show much signs of aging, she did admit she felt as if some parts of her face are not as tight, and she is starting to show lose jowls.

Preferring a non-invasive procedure, she opted for Thermage because this procedure reaches deep into the layers of the skin and promises a natural collagen production that can last long. As per Candace, Thermage is like a ‘reboot’ on the collagen production and skin health. She also learned that other people use Thermage to tighten skin on the arms and belly. Interesting.

Pre-session: the face was marked in areas that need focus from the procedure.

Candace went through the usual prep procedure before the session. She opted for a low setting of the passes to be made on her skin because she has low pain tolerance, but noted that she did feel a little prickle of heat after the second and third passes. The procedure took about 30 minutes tops.

One month after result: more tightened skin and jowls

After a month, she did notice changes on her skin. Her chin is more defined and showed less excess skin. She noticed she had smaller pores. The nasolabial lines are a lot fainter this time. Her skin felt more tight. She shared that this is only the first month, and more changes for the better will occur as time goes by after her lone Thermage session.

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4. Turning back time with Thermage by Linda

Linda has always been a believer of mellow skin care procedures such as applying creams and ointments. She has been offered many times to try different skin improvement procedures but declined all of them. She shared that she is an old-fashioned skin care expert that declines procedures involving cutting of the skin, putting something in or taking something out. When introduced to Thermage, she admittedly was quite intrigued with the technology. It is non-invasive, it has no downtime and it stimulates natural collagen production.

Numbing cream is applied to the skin before the actual session.

Linda has been concerned of her less defined jaw line and a few lines on her face. When she went into her Thermage treatment, she made sure that the doctor was aware of her concerns, and was even proactive to give feedback during the session when she felt discomfort from the procedure.

The burning sensation is covered by cryogen cooling, which eliminates any pain.

After the session, there was no downtime. She experienced dry skin for 2 days but she was able to fix this with moisturizer.

One month after her Thermage session, she is happy to share that her jaw line has become more defined and her face is better sculpted now. Her skin feels tighter and her nasolabial lines are almost gone. Although there are minor changes, she is confident that she will see more positive changes as time goes.

Taken a few weeks after Thermage. Linda is satisfied with the result.

You can read more about Linda’s Thermage experience here.

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