A collection of reviews on botox procedures in Singapore

Botox is a medical procedure that is done to treat muscular problems. In cosmetic improvement, Botox was implemented to work in removing wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles in a certain area of the face temporarily. The substance used it called Botulinum Toxin but it was eventually coined to Botox. Botox is actually a toxic type of substance but with the right administration, it can bring good results especially for muscular treatments.

Botox is non-invasive and non-surgical, predominantly known to remove wrinkles which is a telltale on making face look younger. Since this procedure was introduced, millions are administered every year to patients who wish to remove wrinkles without the need of incisions and cutting skin on the face. Aside from wrinkles, Botox is used to treat migraines, excessive sweating problems, some bowel and bladder problems and a few other muscular disorders.

As appealing as it may have sounded, there are a few key things to note about the dangers of Botox if incorrectly administered. Because of its neurotoxin components, Botox has the ability to cause organ failures, particularly in the respiratory system. This is why it was and still is extremely important that proper check up and assessment is needed before getting a Botox, as common as this name may sound.

Let’s take a look at these blog reviews from Singapore bloggers and the information they share about Botox.

1. A slimmer V face without surgery: jaw botox and chin fillers by Priscilla Gan

Priscilla Gan is a slim woman with a slim and proportional face. However, she always wanted to have that perfect V-shape for her face. She already tried the Hi-Fu Facelift with Botox treatment but she was not satisfied because the results were not instant. So she looked for other options and came across jaw botox and chin fillers treatment. The non-invasive procedure is also a plus.

Chin fillers are injected on the areas of the face

After doing her research, Priscilla went in for her consultation. The doctor made measurements to ensure that the V-shape is not overdone. She was informed of her do’s and don’ts post procedure and the possible effects. It takes less than 10 minutes for the chin fillers procedure. She was informed that the result will be immediate and can last for up to 12 months.

Priscilla was well-educated about the possible side effects such as minor discomfort, mild swelling and redness which may last for only a few days. Other than these possibilities, there is no downtime after the procedure. She added that it may take two weeks for the dermal injectables to take their position and may move around a bit but should be nothing to be concerned about.

Before and after treatment

The procedures lasted less than 30 minutes. From applying numbing cream to injecting the areas of her face, Priscilla shared that she was comfortable throughout the procedure and did not feel any pain. Priscilla shared a before and after treatment photo and immediate results can be seen. Her face has visibly become more V-shaped. She shared that she is happy with the results and will definitely follow up with the treatment.

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2. Review: Botox and chin fillers by Everest Seah

Everest Seah took a time off of her busy schedule to look into possible improvements for her jaw line. She shared that she had a strong and square jaw which gave her a serious and strict look. She wanted to change that, so she went in for a consultation to see what sort of improvements and procedures can be done.

During the consultation, she was asked to clench her jaw and the muscles were measured in that area. The doctor confirmed that she had significant muscle mass on her jaw which somehow changes the proportion of her face. She was recommended to have Botox to reduce the jaw line and chin fillers to add shape to the face. At first, she was hesitant to go through with the procedure because of previous bad experience with eye fillers that left small nodules on her eye area. She was assured by the doctor which gave her confidence to proceed with the treatment.

Botox injectables are directly injected on the chin for optimal effect

The procedure started with applying numbing cream to the face for the injectables. When she was set, fillers were administered first, then Botox. The procedure took only about 5 minutes. Everest shared that she felt no discomfort at all.

Immediate results right after the treatment

Everest is very happy with the fillers and Botox procedures because she saw immediate results right after the session. She added that the entire experience was relaxing and enjoyable.

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3. Botox in Singapore: tried and tested! Our review of the famous anti-ageing treatment by Rachael Wheeler

Rachael Wheeler volunteered to try Botox procedure for two main reasons: one, she was interested in the fascinating cosmetic procedure topic; and two, for vanity reasons. She had her wedding coming up and she wanted to see if there were improvements that could be made on her face. She complained about the visible lines on her forehead that she hated most of the time.

Before Botox and immediately after the session

Rachael went in for her appointment and she shared to her doctor that she wanted to have her eyebrows raised, which is her main concern. She was recommended to have Botox on the forehead and added that the Botox procedure will be eased in on her too see how her muscles would react to it.

The administration of Botox was pretty quick. After numbing her skin, the injection period took less than two minutes. There was no downtime at all. After that, Rachael shared an immediate result look which showed visible improvements on her forehead.

Day 5 (left) and day 7 (right) post Botox treatment: Botox procedure a success!

Rachael shared a day 1 to day 7 montage of the post Botox treatment. She was very happy with the result. At day 7, there were no visible lines on her forehead at all, even when she tries to scrunch her face. Needless to say, her Botox experience was a success.

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4. I did Botox and fillers by Maureen

Signs of aging can show up as early as 25 years old. In Maureen’s case, it was caused by being a workaholic, sleeping late every day and having a constant frown expression on her face that she is sometimes unaware of. This resulted to sagging skin and small wrinkles in the eyes and face. She was about to be married in 5 months, so she needed to do something about her face.

The procedure took less than 20 minutes

Maureen went in for her consultation and was recommended to have Botox and fillers to get her young and skin-tight desired look for her face. What she liked most about the treatment is its natural effect without hinting that she went in for cosmetic procedures.

The areas focused on her face were the square jaw and frown lines. The treatment was administered and was over quickly than she expected. She experienced slight discomfort but nothing unbearable. She added that there was no downtime and she was on the go after the procedure.

Before treatment and immediately after

Maureen was happy with the result. With days left to her big day, she was confident with her new youthful glow and no more lines. She had fuller cheeks and the wrinkles were gone.

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