Dark eye circle treatment reviews from Singapore beauty experts

Panda eyes may sound like a cute reference, but in reality it does not look appealing at all. Dark circles around the eyes can lessen the facial glow and make a person look older. Dark circles are caused by blood vessels and dark tissues that form under the skin around the eyes which gives it a panda eye effect.

A common cause of dark eye circles is lack of sleep and rest. Sleep deprivation can cause the skin to go pale which would then accentuate the dark tissues in the eye area, causing a dark circle look. This is often accompanied by puffiness or eye bags. Dark eye circles can also be caused by a number of other causes such as allergies, hyperpigmentation and of course, aging.

Normally, a cucumber eye-patch done overnight can do the trick to remove dark eye circles especially when the cause is sleep deprivation or crying. However, if the dark circles persist, one may need further dark eye circle treatment. Thankfully, there are now available dark eye circle treatments that work on removing the dark circles and also preventing them from coming back.

These blog reviews will share to us the procedures done and the experiences of these beauty experts in getting dark eye circle treatments.

1. Saying goodbye to my dark eye circles and eyebags: Ultratherapy by Carrie Sim

Carrie Sim is constantly asked if she is tired or not feeling well. She has dark eye circles particularly on the under eye area caused by constant rubbing due to her sinus problem. This also caused puffy eyebags and, add ageing to the equation, her dark eye circles just kept getting worse.

She already had a filler treatment to make the under eye area look more vibrant, but the effects have worn off. She went in for a consultation to know the next best step to treat the panda-look and was recommended Ultratherapy. Per her knowledge, Ultratherapy is for treating sagging jowls, lose forehead and brow skin and jawline. This was news to her.

Using Ultratherapy to remove under eye issues

At first, she had hesitations in going through this treatment. After all, the skin around the eyes is the most sensitive, but she was assured that this treatment will be non-invasive, will promote natural collagen production and there will be no downtime at all.

During the session, Carrie felt small pricks on the skin where the device was run through. It was not all too uncomfortable and it was over in less than 30 minutes.

Ultratherapy results will show in two to three months to allow natural collagen production.

Carrie was educated that the result of Ultratherapy is not instantaneous. Because of its natural promoting of collagen production, the result can take up to three months. After her therapy, Carrie was already on the go to continue her daily errands.

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2. Beauty review: Get rid of dark circles under your eyes with the ‘Tear through’ treatment by Niki Bruce

Niki Bruce is down for any aesthetic and cosmetic improvement that can make her look more fresh, young and beautiful. She has tried facial Beauty Boosters treatment, but remarked that no treatment will be an instant cure, so she kept looking.

Niki wanted to rejuvenate her lower eyelid and was interested to learn more about fillers. From her consultation, she learned that not only ageing can cause dark circles and under eye problems. Even the younger generations can develop dark under eyes with lifestyle choices and habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep and long exposure to computer screens. Weight loss or gain can also affect the skin drooping and elasticity in the under eye area.

Niki was recommended to have the filler treatment. It will help brighten her skin with the help of vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Like any other filler treatment, the procedure involves injecting the substance in the area that needs treatment.

Sample image

Niki shared that the entire session was rather quick. The longest part of the session was when they were waiting for the numbing cream to take effect so that the treatment can be administered. The injectables use a very thin and fine needle that even with no numbing cream, and with high pain tolerance, you can pass it. After the injection, you are basically done for the treatment.

She was further advised to apply ice in the area to avoid bruising, but chances of bruising are very minimal. She was advised of the usual limits 24 hours after the treatment: don’t expose your face to hot areas, no strenuous activities or exercise, don’t lie down on your face or cover the eye area when you sleep. If you notice any bulging in the area, do not panic and return to your doctor. They should be able to apply a dissolver for these issues.

A day after the treatment, you might experience a little swelling, but in most cases there is no downtime at all. By day one, Niki has seen an improvement on her under eyes. She looked more radiant and youthful as time passed and even with less sleep or being tired. Niki was much satisfied with the filler treatment. She added that the result of this treatment will last for one year, at least.

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3. Dark eye circles – treatment in Singapore by Daniel Chang

Daniel Chang did not undergo through dark eye circles treatment, but he went and collected information about this common cosmetic issue and shared what he knows about this. Dark eye circles are a common complaint especially by those who have hectic schedules and busy work life. Lack of sleep is the most common cause, but can also be factored by allergies, loss of volume in the cheeks and poor lifestyle choices. What causes the dark eyes are vascular changes, pigmentation under the skin and shadowing which can be directly affected by ageing.

Dark eye circles caused by lack of rest and sleep

According to Daniel, treatment may vary from person to person, and per case particularly on what caused the dark under eyes. The use of creams and skin lightening products may only work as far as when you change lifestyle too.

A sample image of heavy eye bags

Going through dermatological procedures is advised when the dark eye circles and eye bags do not go away after healthy lifestyle choices and minor treatments. Fillers are the most common choice, because it is non-invasive and promotes natural collagen production. There is also eyelid surgery and/or surgical facelift which involve cutting and tightening the skin around a particular area of the eyes. A quick doctor’s consultation should be able to give you an effective recommendation in treating your dark eye problems.

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