Double eyelid surgery blog reviews by Singapore bloggers

Double eyelid is actually a significant factor of beauty as considered by many beauty experts. Through this need rose the East Asian Blepharoplasty, or more commonly known as the ‘double eyelid surgery’. Basically, a double eyelid is the crease found in the mid-section of your eyelids. For aesthetic and makeup purposes, double eyelids can be a perfect canvas for smoky eye effect – a classic and timeless makeup ritual.

The double eyelid feature is a given for Caucasian people, but did you know that it is not that common for Asians? Notice the eye feature of Asians to have a single eyelid. For many beauty experts, this can be a hindrance to perfection.

Thus, the double eyelid surgery came to be.

Double eyelid surgery is a cosmetic surgery and procedure that is done by reshaping the skin around the eyes to achieve a double eyelid effect. This type of cosmetic surgery has been on the rise in many Asian countries.

Take a closer look and study how the procedure is done and is it really worth it with these blog reviews from Singapore’s beauty experts who have undergone the procedure themselves.

1. Guess who has double eyelids now? By Melody Yap

Melody Yap had always disliked her single eyelids feature. She shared the story of when she was younger, she used to be dissatisfied with how her makeup looks compared to other girls in her class with double eyelids. From then, she vowed to have it changed when she got the chance. She was determined and committed to it, went to consultations and finally decided to go under the knife.

Before the surgery

Before the surgery, Melody had the typical single eyelid feature that is common among many Asian women. She relates that putting eyeliner on only shows the wings and it does not enhance her eye at all, as compared to the impact eyeliner has on double eyelids.

Day of her surgery, she went in all prepped up, with zero make up and a hundred percent confidence that she will come out of the surgery all satisfied with her look.

After the surgery, day 0

The procedure lasted for 30 minutes and Melody woke up in the recovery room post op. She experienced minimal and bearable pain for the next 2 days after the surgery, but the outcome made her very happy with her new eyelids. There was a little swelling a day after the operation, but the swelling subsided on day 2.

Double eyelid surgery a success!

Day 4 post surgery, Melody was able to apply full make up on her face and was able to achieve the optimal effect she wanted with her eyelids.

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2. Double eyelid surgery in singapore: the complete guide to getting big, doe-eye like eyes by Emily Heng

For Emily Heng, a double eyelid is an important eye feature that accentuates the eyes, making the eyes brighter, more alert and awake. This is a commonly desired eye trait by many Singaporeans and Asians, and some go through great lengths to achieve such trait – including surgery.

Eyelids are measured and marked for the surgery

There are two types of procedure that one can choose from to get double eyelids: stitching and cutting. The process of stitching is through inserting sutures in between the eyelids to create a connection between the tissues, giving a double eyelid effect on the outside. Cutting, the more common choice, is removing excessive fat, skin and muscle in the eyelids to create a natural double eyelid look.

Smokey eyes and eyeliner wings are a few of the many make up effects with double eyelids

While you won’t be able to experience pain during the surgery, there may be some swelling and soreness two to three days post op, but totally bearable. Emily shares that cold compress can help ease the swelling faster.

Learn more about double eyelid surgery from Emily Heng on her blog.

3. My double eyelid surgery experience by Lian Meiting

Meiting was 18 years old when she discovered fake eyelashes and its double eyelid effect on her eyes. Like other Singapore women, she had single eyelids; and like many Singapore women, she wanted to achieve that double eyelid feature. For a long time, she relied on fake eyelashes to give her that effect, but she still longed for a more natural look, thus the need to look for a long-term result procedure.

Meiting’s single eyelid, no makeup look.

Meiting decided to do the sutures or stitching method. This way, as what she had learned from research, she can still go back to her old eye features if she wanted to. Unlike cutting – cutting means permanent. The only repercussions of stitching are the limitations: no scratching the eyes, avoid contact lenses, and you might need to do another round when the eyelids droop back.

Day 2 post op results

Post surgery, Meiting excitedly looked into her camera phone and saw, as expected, swelling on her eyelids. Fortunately, the swelling quickly subsided as you can see on the day after day photos she has shared.

Post op healing journey

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4. My new double eyelids by Audrey

Audrey is a huge fan of double eyelids. In fact, this is her second surgery to achieve double eyelids. Her first surgery was the stitching procedure, which came off after 1.5 years mostly because of rubbing her eyes. Plus, the results of stitching gave her an uneven look on her eyelids and she did not like this at all. So she decided to go for a more permanent result this time.

Day 2 and day 6 post op: swelling and visible stitches

Audrey decided to go through the cutting procedure. Consultations and surgery prep did not take much long. She knew what she wanted. The actual surgery took only about 20 minutes.

After the surgery, seeing the post op result of her eyes made her feel a little queasy. The surgical marks were very much visible and she did not feel comfortable cleaning the wound herself, but she had to. After several days, although the swelling started to subside, the stitch marks are still visible.

Recovery took a week for her. Healing of the wound and the swelling fully subsided after about seven days. But as you can see, she was able to achieve the double eyelid results that she had always wanted. This time, it’s permanent.

Day 11 post op: double eyelids a success!

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