Dr Dennis Tan & Porcelain Veneers: A Patient’s Review

I used to have the brightest smile back when I was in university. I used to pride myself with a set of teeth that were aligned and well taken care of. I remember not hesitating whenever a friend suddenly calls out to gather and pose for a group photo. Years down the line, things have changed.

I must admit, my oral habits aren’t always consistent. My corporate life consists of bottomless cups of coffee. Celebrating the end of a work week sometimes called for a glass of red wine or two. There would also be times when I’m pretty beat up from working late nights that I head on straight to bed without brushing my teeth! Yuck, I know! And visits to the dentist? I’d be lucky if I am able to squeeze one in a year! Needless to say, my teeth were past their glory days. My lips barely open when smiling for the camera, no thanks to my yellowing teeth!

In my desire to restore my once confident smile, I turned to Dr Dennis Tan of Dennis Tan Dental for help. During our initial consultation, Dr Dennis assessed the condition of my teeth and gums. He noted the problems that he saw and presented different procedures that can solve them. After checking that my teeth and gums were healthy and that I did not have any other condition aside from what was obvious, we both agreed that the best solution to regain my pearly whites would be porcelain veneers. Dr Dennis explained the benefits of getting porcelain veneers as well as the process behind the treatment. Being caffeine dependent, Dr Dennis highlighted that porcelain veneers are stain proof. They are also long-lasting and highly durable. Thumbs up!

On my next visit, Dr Dennis took photo images and impressions of my teeth. These were used to make a model of my mouth, which will then be the basis for the creation of my porcelain veneers. Two sets of veneers will be made: one temporary and the other permanent.

During my succeeding trip to the clinic, Dr Dennis did the preparation of my teeth. He shared that, for some people, prepping the teeth would mean taking some parts of the teeth out and reshaping them in order for the veneers to fit perfectly. Thank goodness mine did not have to go through a total workout! Another impression was made from my teeth, after which the temporary veneers were attached. I used the temporary veneers while waiting for the final porcelain veneers to be ready. Production of porcelain veneers usually takes a week or up to 10 days as they have to be customized according to my dental and facial profile. Veneers can alter one’s face shape, so it is important that they are made flawlessly without changing my facial contour. The colour of each tooth should also be identical and resemble the natural colour of the enamel.

I went back to the clinic of Dr Dennis as soon as my permanent porcelain veneers were available. My temporary veneers were removed and, using strong dental adhesives, the porcelain veneers were cemented securely into place. Finally, my severely discolored teeth were out of sight!

Dr Dennis did not fail to give me instructions on how to take proper care of my veneers. Topping the list is brushing and flossing. Biting or chewing on hard foods, like candies, should be avoided as this can damage the veneers. Regular dental checkups are a must, too! Dr Dennis also mentioned that my veneers can last for 10 years, but this would greatly depend on how I take good care of it.

Overall, I am fully satisfied with the look of my newly restored pearly whites! Just look at the before and after photos! You will be amazed because the porcelain veneers look so natural! I now have the confidence to flash my widest smile for photos!

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