Dream come true after a boob job with Dr Vincent Tay

All women come with different breast sizes and shapes. Even though I understand this, I can’t help still not feeling good about how my boobs look. It sags a lot more than I prefer and I wish it was a cup size bigger — it seems all the clothes I prefer to wear just suits bigger boobs. The idea of a boob job has been on my mind for a while but I wasn’t sure about the stigma that it comes with.

Before breast augmentation

I voiced my concern to some friends and thankfully many were supportive and told me it’s okay to get a boob job if it makes me happy. After some persuasion, I decided to look around on Google for a place to get it done. After I narrowed down my choices, Artisan Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Clinic was the one I went with — the reviews gave me some reassurance to their quality and service.


I’m amazed at how fast their response was to my WhatsApp text! They were very patient to answer all my questions as well and all replies came in promptly.


I met with Dr Vincent Tay for a consultation. I told him what I was experiencing and wanted to prevent my boobs from sagging so much and increase my cup size too. Another concern was what material will be used for the boob job. While searching for a clinic, I also came across many articles online about boob jobs gone wrong.

Luckily, Dr Vincent is quite understanding to my concerns and he was able to assure me that getting a boob job is common and his patients had successful boob jobs. He also assured me that they use high quality materials for the implants so there will be low risk of anything to go wrong.

Different types of implants
Different types of implants

He really went through how the surgery will be like step-by-step. Each time I stopped him to ask any questions, he patiently answered them!

Motiva breast implant brochure


After discussing the particulars of my boobs and the boob job (in medical terms it’s called breast augmentation), I got booked in for the surgery. On the day of it, I felt uneasy but his team was so supportive and kept giving me reassurance that everything will be okay.

My boyfriend was choosing the right Motiva implant for me lol
My boyfriend was choosing the right Motiva implant for me lol

They didn’t fail to explain to me the process of the surgery and what they will do. They made marks where the incision (cut) will be and told me where exactly they will insert the Motiva implant. The silicone implant needs to be placed under the breast tissue and pectoral muscle (I had to Google what this is).

Once I felt ready enough, I was put under general anaesthesia and they were able to get the surgery started! Because I was asleep the whole time, I didn’t feel any pain. But they did warn me that I might start feeling pain once I wake up or the anaesthesia wears off.

Post-Operation and Recovery

I won’t lie and say that getting this procedure didn’t hurt. I definitely started feeling pain once the anaesthesia wore off. Even though I was expecting it, but I was definitely a bit shocked. It’s not unbearable, but if you have a low pain tolerance, it’s a good idea to let Dr Vincent know early.

My chest area was sore and swelling for a few weeks after the surgery. I also saw bruising but this went down after a while too. During this time, I had to wear a compression bandage and sports bra, this will help to support my new boobs and also keep the implants in the correct position during the recovery period.

There were times when I did feel some extreme pain but the painkillers prescribed by Dr Vincent helped, so I could still manage to do some light activities after a week. I was told not to do any heavy activities or lifting to keep my pulse and blood pressure low for around 2 weeks.

I did have to go in for check ups just to make sure everything was healing according to plan. So far so good! Thankfully, I did not get any infection from my wound and I was able to heal nicely.


After breast augmentation surgery

It’s been a few months after my surgery and I am so happy with how my boobs turned out! It’s much firmer now and doesn’t sag so much. I was told that boobs sagging is normal too because of the skin but for the time being, I am happy with how they turned out. And the cup size is perfect for my body — not too big, not too small.


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