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Last year, I tried and been quite happy with hyaluronic acid facial fillers – they definitely make a great impact right after but they do disappear gradually and need to be ‘topped up’ every 6 to 12 months to keep your refreshed new face.

I wanted something more longer lasting yet natural looking so Dr Isaac Wong from The Artisan Clinic suggested Ellansé because it's great for individuals with active lifestyles and higher metabolism rate like me. Compared to other fillers, its results have longer longevity - lasting up to 2 years and with double action: collagen stimulation and instant volumisation effect.


The Ellansé Treatment

Unlike traditional fillers that contain mainly hyaluronic acid, Ellansé consists of a unique and patented composition – 70% Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) based gel carrier and 30% PolyCaproLactone (PCL) microspheres

Due to its unique composition, Ellansé is a very versatile filler that can restore volume and improve skin quality by stimulating your own skin’s collagen production for natural-looking, long-lasting results over the next 18 months.

The other bonus is that Ellansé can be placed at different depth levels within the sub-dermal layers of the skin which makes it very versatile. It can be used for facial line improvement, to fill and correct wrinkles and folds, as well as volumising, contouring and sculpting the face.

The procedure was performed slowly and gently under local anaesthetic with a lot of attention to detail to achieve natural-looking results.

The Amazing Results

Everyone's skin loses volume and elasticity as you grow older but people like us who work out a lot pull and stretch our skin more. So eventually, it's going to take its toll.

Giving up my daily workout isn't an option so I signed up for Ellansé, a new derma filler that is made from a bioabsorbable collagen stimulator. This means it provides both instant and gradual results. I saw increased volume immediately (almost 2 weeks after treatment) but the volumisation and improved skin quality continue to develop over a 3-month period.

All this may sound too good to be true, except that I am sitting here now, gazing at the results and they really are good. Dr Wong has put the chub back into my cheeks again! It’s subtle – but I look healthier, younger, and more cheerful. And I feel it, too.



In the last few years, I've spotted signs of ageing such as deep lines in my nasolabial fold, sagging skin in my cheeks and lost volume in the under-eye causing dark eye circles. The most obvious is my dark eye circle which practically disappeared for the right eye. This is probably the thing that bothers me the most because people always say: "you look very tired” and no concealer can cover my panda eyes.

After treatment, my face is visibly lifted, tighter and smaller. I’m a major convert to using facial fillers because you get instant results with zero downtime. When fillers are injected properly by a skilled physician, they can be used to sculpt the face and restore a natural, youthful look. Treating with filler is like sculpting with clay and it requires artistry to get the contours right.



It’s been 3 weeks since my Ellansé treatment and this makeover has left me feeling better, fresher, and others totally unaware of any work I've had done. Any downtime? There is some mild swelling that might be present for the first few days but nothing major.

The Conclusion

Finding an injector with a good artistic eye is similar to finding a good hairdresser, it takes years to build up the full range of techniques, and Dr Isaac Wong is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in his field (aka an influencer among his doctor peers) he is also the First Singaporean Trainer, International Ellanse Trainer and Pioneer Member of Ellanse’s First Asia Advisory Board for Ellanse® collagen-stimulating filler. I highly recommend the Ellansé treatment by The Artisan Clinic if you’re looking for a fast and effective way to enhance your beauty!


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