Eyelid Surgery with Dr Vincent Tay (Singapore): Natural-Looking Double Eyelids!

I’m an Asian woman of Chinese descent, in my mid 30s, living in Singapore. When I was a teenager, I hated my “hooded” eyelids. They blocked the top of my eyes and made my eyes look even smaller. But I never knew I could fix it. I thought it’s just something I had to live with. 

I also love wearing makeup but it’s difficult to wear eye makeup for those of us born without double eyelids. I was amazed when I discovered that eyelid surgery is actually a thing! But at that time, I was in my 20s and the cost of eyelid surgery put me off. I knew it would cost me a lot and I couldn’t afford it back then. To be honest, I was also scared of the recovery and stitches. It looked painful! 

More financially secure now in my 30s, and maybe a bit more brave, I decided to try it with Dr Vincent Tay from Artisan Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic. I knew I shouldn’t wait any longer to fix my eyelids as it has really affected my self-esteem. 

I was impressed with the clinic because of how responsive they were. I sent a WhatsApp from the website and within 15 minutes I had a response, and they answered all my questions quickly.


My main concerns were cost, safety and recovery time. After speaking with Dr Vincent Tay during the initial consultation, I was more confident that the final results would be worth it. He has a lot of experience and expertise in this type of surgery and I felt in good hands with the clinic. The cost is also reasonable compared to other clinics in Singapore. 

Before the surgery, I considered other methods to give me the “illusion” of double eyelids. I tried eyelid stickers, makeup tricks and even creams to reduce swelling in my eyelid. But for the permanent fix I wanted for my eyelids, all my research pointed me to eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Dr Vincent also took the time to go through my medical history and check my eyes thoroughly to make sure I’m a suitable candidate for the surgery. He showed me that my hooded eyelids are affecting my vision more than I realised. 

Dr Vincent was upfront with me about the risks involved with this type of surgery, but he was also very reassuring. I trusted that he knew how to handle any downsides that might happen with eyelid surgery. 


The hardest part of any surgery is not knowing what to expect. I am grateful that Dr Vincent and his team prepared me for the surgery. They explained that he will cut along the eyelid, remove excess skin and fat, then rejoin it with stitches to create the double eyelids. 

Since it’s only an upper blepharoplasty, the procedure took around one hour. It was an outpatient procedure, so I went home the same day. Local anaesthesia was applied at the start of the surgery; I was given a pill that makes me feel relaxed and totally no discomfort at all. After the procedure, I was able to stand up immediately and walk around with no issues. 

Post-Op and Recovery

Post-Op and Recovery Blepharoplasty

The next day, I woke up with some discomfort in the upper eyelids and they were also slightly swollen with some traces of bruising. However, it was very manageable with the medications that were prescribed. I must say that I am really quite amazed at Dr Vincent's surgery skills. Sometimes I even forget that I had a surgery done!

Over the next few weeks, the clinic checked up on me often and replied quickly when I had questions about my recovery. I was worried about scarring because of the swelling at first. My advice? Do not look in the mirror for the first few days after eyelid surgery if you can’t handle it! 

Thankfully after a week or so, the swelling went down and I could start to see the results. I was amazed! My eyes actually looked bigger and I finally had the double eyelids I had ALWAYS wanted. It took approximately 1.5 months to fully heal and there was no scarring. My eyes also healed well enough for me to go back to work after 1 week. During that time I also went back to Dr Vincent for follow-ups where he checked the healing and progress.

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Vincent Tay and the helpful team at Artisan Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic for giving me the eyes I’ve always dreamed of. I feel much happier with my appearance now and my vision has also improved. 

Even my friends and family have noticed a huge change in me - not just my eyelids but how I carry myself now that I have more confidence. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for eyelid surgery. 


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