Face threading and thread lift reviews by Singapore bloggers

For years, the procedure for face lifting has been reliant on facelift surgery. Although there are creams and injectables that work to make the skin firm and restore its tightness, it’s only a matter of time and a matter of facial skin drooping to ultimately decide that you need a facelift. However, not everyone is willing to go through surgery and this poses as a predicament on the facelift industry.

A facelift procedure was introduced in the form of thread lifting. Face threading or Korean thread lift is the process of lifting specific parts of the face using temporary sutures. Surgery, on the other hand, removes the sagging skin. Thread lift has an effect of pulling back the skin and tightening the face. The face threading procedure became popular also because the thread material used works against aging by stimulating the collagen production in areas that have been thread lifted. Apart from its face lifting results, face threading promises a younger looking skin.

Interested and want to find out more about face threading? Here are some reviews about face threading and Korean thread lift that have been experienced by some of Singapore’s beauty experts.

1. Beauty review: We tried the ‘Thread Facelift’ and the results are awesome by Niki Bruce

Niki Bruce has tried different kinds of procedures and products to gain that natural facelift look that can make one look years younger. She has tried serums, moisturizers and creams, but she wanted more than a quick fix and a procedure that has long term effects yet less painful than facelift surgery.

This is when she learned about Korean thread facelift and decided to try it out. Niki underwent the procedure specifically called Silhouette Thread Lift. The distinguished difference of this procedure is the use of ‘cones’ instead of ‘barbs’. Niki’s doctor relays that this instrument is gentler on the face and has less painful after effects.

Line markings show where the ‘cones’ will go through.
Line markings show where the ‘cones’ will go through.

The procedure began with the doctor assessing the parts of the face that will need to be threaded for the best effect. Niki had her cheeks, jawline and mid-face done but shared that this procedure can also work with neck and eyebrow lifting.

A few days after the procedure, Niki felt a little pulling and tightness on the parts that underwent threading and she felt some soreness. However, she shared that there was no downtime to her regular daily tasks and she was able to go to work, wear regular make up and finish her daily tasks.

Niki is happy with the effects of her Korean thread lift experience.

The effects of the procedure became noticeable after a few weeks. Her marionette and nasolabial lines became more optimal and it looked natural.

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2. I tried Threadlift to get rid of my double chin by Clara

Clara wants to get rid of her double chin but like many others, she is hesitant to undergo surgical procedures and has reservations about invasive procedures that may have painful results. When Clara went to a check up, she shared her sagging skin concerns to her doctor and was recommended to have a ‘jaw thread lift’.

The initial process started with measuring the skin that needed thread lifting. Next, numbing cream was applied to the area to prepare for the local anesthetic injection. The stitching was performed and the procedure completed with a botox injection to help lift the chin area and give a firmer result.

Measurements were made to ensure optimal result from the procedure.

Clara was hesitant and nervous about the entire procedure at first, but found that her fears were unnecessary. The entire procedure took less than 30 minutes, from the numbing cream up to the final stitch was made. Clara was given antiseptic cream for application but shares she opted not to and there was no negative impact.

Clara is happy with the decision she made to forego the surgery and just choose the thread lifting procedure, as the effects will last for about 2 years.

Double chin gone!

To know more about Clara’s experience, read her blog here.

3. New-found confidence with nose Threadlift by Yuni

Yuni is an enthusiast of facial aesthetic enhancements and has done fillers and botox procedures to get some parts of her face done. Admittedly, she has been troubled by the shape of her nose and its proportion to her facial features. Though she is willing to try out different procedures in the name of beauty, she disregards surgery completely.

Yuni wants her nose to be higher and sharper. And this is when she decided that nose thread lift can be the perfect procedure for her.

The day she went into treatment, she was surprised that the entire procedure took only about 15 minutes. Local anesthesia was used and the procedure was quickly done. She shared that she can feel a bit of pressure during the insertion of the needle but it was not painful.

Inserting the thread through the nose bridge

Yuni is ecstatic about the end result. She did feel the thread pulling around her nose right after the procedure. She shares that the result matches her desire to make the changes subtle, not too obvious that her friends will notice drastic changes. She achieved a sharper and slimmer nose.

Noticeable change before and after the nose thread lift procedure

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4. My mum tried the silhouette soft thread lift to lift her sagging skin by Joanna Soh

Joanna Soh wanted to help her mum regain her youthful glow with a little help from science and technology. Truth be told, aging can lead to sagging skin and dropping jawlines. When Joanna’s mum decided to try out thread lift, the family was nothing but supportive about it.

Due to natural aging processes, there were several areas of the face that needed to undergo thread lifting for best results. First, markings were done on the areas that needed threading and botox. Local anesthesia was applied to numb the areas during the procedure.

Marking the areas of the face

Joanna’s mum underwent a full-face Face Thread Lift. Sutures were inserted to the face to lift the sagging areas. The entire session took about an hour to finish. After the procedure, fillers were added to get rid of the smile lines and eye bags.

After the entire procedure, there was no downtime for Joanna’s mum and she was able to go about her normal business, this time looking naturally younger and fresh.

After the procedure: looking fresh and years younger, even without make up on!

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