Fast Recovery, Fast Results: Why I Won’t Choose Any Other Aesthetic Doctor for Thread Lifts

I’ve always been honest about going for aesthetic treatments with my followers. As I now enter my mid 40s, I realise there’s nothing wrong with admitting that I need some extra help, besides my usual skincare regime.

For the past five years, I’ve chosen to go with Dr Isaac Wong from The Artisan Clinic for my aesthetic procedures, especially thread lifts. I used to see another doctor for thread lifts but I experienced a lot of bruising after the procedures, which only healed after 2 weeks or even longer.

Due to my busy schedule, I can’t afford to take that much time out for recovery, so I figured threadlifts aren’t really a realistic option for me. All that changed with Dr Isaac Wong. With him, I can get threadlifts without the same discomfort, pain, and bruising – even the injection of local anaesthetic is so skillfully done! 

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A word of caution though: threadlifts, although the closest aesthetic treatment to a surgical facelift, are not for the faint hearted. They are not as non-invasive as other aesthetic treatments, so having an experienced doctor is a non-negotiable. You certainly don’t want to end up with a botched face or so much bruising that it’s impossible to go out for a few days. 

Honestly, based on my experience with other doctors, I have no idea how Dr Wong does the procedure so efficiently. I am not at all surprised that he is the appointed international trainer for 2 brands of thread lifts, travelling around the world to teach overseas doctors!


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Sometimes, we even joke around while he places the needle through, which shows how comfortable and at ease I am around him. It’s also not just about how quickly he is able to do the procedure, but how he knows exactly where to place the threads so you end up looking younger but not weirder. 

A few threads on each side of my face instantly makes me look fresher and years younger, and the results last for at least a year or two (depending on the brand).

Ever since I started thread lifts with Dr Isaac Wong, I wouldn’t trust any other doctor for this procedure. If you need a natural lift and are showing some heavier signs of ageing, do consider thread lifts instead of too many fillers which lead you looking “overfilled” and unnatural. 

Thanks again Dr Wong! 


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