Fat freeze helped me say goodbye to my “beer belly”!

People often think that only girls want to slim down, but I’m a guy and let me tell you this, I am absolutely sick of other people telling me I need to lose weight or exercise more. My family would make jokes about my “beer belly” even though I don’t even drink beer or any type of alcohol. I’m just fat, but I hate my belly and how terrible it makes me look. I’ve had self-confidence issues for years now. I hate exercise and I love food, two very bad combinations for someone who wants to lose weight.

So I looked up on ways to lose weight without exercising or dieting, and it turns out that there is an option: Fat Freezing. I read that it uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells, and it works better than any exercise I could ever do. And I was thinking, what about other cells? But apparently, it doesn’t affect the surrounding cells either. And you don’t have to worry about the skin freezing because they put a gel pad on your skin to prevent that. I chose Cristal Pro because it was the cheapest, but they have a few options to choose from.

There are a few reasons why I chose to do fat freezing.

  1. It’s non-invasive, and definitely safer than liposuction (which I’ve actually considered but was too scared of).
  2. It’s painless and effortless. I don’t like having to train so hard every day just to lose a couple of kilos.
  3. There’s little to no downtime. Although I did feel a little bit sore in my abs, I can carry out daily activities as per normal.
  4. Few sessions needed. I was skeptical at first, no doubt, but after the first treatment I was convinced. The picture above shows the results after just 3 sessions. In fact, I saw improvement after just 1 session. But the results are more obvious after 3. 1 to 3 sessions at 1-month intervals are recommended, depending on what you want.

After the 3 sessions, my friends kept asking me what my secret to losing weight was. It was so evident that everyone exclaimed, “Where’s your beer belly?!”. Everyone was happy to see me in good shape, and I felt a lot more confident too. When I told them about fat freezing, they said they never heard of such a thing and were all surprised at the ingenuity of it. “Technology,” they said.

Of course, I had to eat healthier to maintain it. I don’t want to gain back the weight I just lost. But I managed to keep the pounds off with minimal exercise and a healthier diet.

Honestly, I was very happy with the service they provided. They didn’t make me feel ashamed for not wanting to exercise. They did still advise me to eat healthier though, so that’s what I did, combined with light exercise. They explained the different types of fat freezing they had and didn’t push it when I said I wanted something cheaper. The treatment session itself took around an hour or so, just like they told me it would, and they made light conversation during the whole process. I’ve never thought that losing weight could be as easy as this.

I definitely recommend fat freezing for those of you who have a little money to spare and want something quick and easy. Ozhean Zoey’s Cristal Pro treatment worked like a charm for me, and I am so grateful to them for helping me lose my awful “beer belly”.


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