From flat chests to voluptuous breasts: blogger reviews on breast augmentation

Contrary to other races, the body built of Asian women is a lot more petite. No wonder plastic surgery has become popular in the recent years. One of the most common procedures availed by Asian ladies is breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty in medical terms, entails the use of breast implants or fat transfer in order to enhance the size and appearance of the breasts.

There are several reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation. Some may see this procedure as a means for them to improve their overall body aesthetic and improve their confidence. While others may turn to it as an answer to restore their breasts after certain medical or natural conditions (e.g. breast cancer survivors).

If you are looking to get your breasts enhanced, but are having second thoughts about the invasive procedure, you are on the right page. It is understandable to feel a bit queasy when reading about how breast surgery is done. This article lists the reviews of three Singapore bloggers who have chronicled their breast augmentation experience.

1. Breast augmentation procedure + recovery process: a review by Vikki of Effynius blog

The decision of Vikki to undergo breast augmentation was caused by the humiliation she recalled receiving when she was young. She remembers growing up having to use padded bras and disliking the discomfort it brought.

This photo documents Vikki’s less obvious breasts prior to her surgery.

Plastic surgery has begun to pick up a following during the year she had her breasts augmented, so she took the cue and courageously went under the knife to achieve the breasts she had always longed for.

Vikki’s blog review is done in one installment, but is broken down into five main parts: consultation, pre-breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation surgery, recovery process, and post-surgery.

Under consultation, Vikki shares some information about the kinds of breast implants available. She mentions that there are two shapes to choose from: round and teardrop. The sizes of the implants vary as well. She also includes the two types of implants placement: over the muscle and under the muscle breast augmentation.

During her consultation, Vikki shares that her doctor explained all that she needed to know about her surgery. Her doctor likewise answered the questions she had about breast augmentation. After this, Vikki’s breasts were assessed by her doctor. She confesses that she was surprised at this step, which involved having to show her “non-existing boobs” to her doctor. As part of the assessment, Vikki was asked to wear a white top that clung tightly to her body. She says the tight top was used to hold the breast implants that were inserted underneath in order for the patient and doctor to have an idea on how the results will look like after the augmentation.

As part of the pre-surgery assessment, Vikki wore a tight top where the breast implants were inserted underneath to see the possible end result.

For her pre-breast augmentation surgery preparation, Vikki writes that she was required to undergo a pre-operative mammogram. The result of the mammogram was kept on file in case concerns should surface in the future. Vikki also suggests doing an ultrasound scan for breast and bringing the results on the consultation day for the doctor to be able to assess whether one is a suitable candidate for breast augmentation. Vikki enumerates a list of pre-breast augmentation operative instructions given by her doctor. These do’s and not to do’s were advised in order to avoid possible problems during the surgery and recovery period.

On the day of her breast augmentation surgery, Vikki shares that pre-surgery tests were done to ensure that her body is fit for the procedure. As soon as she was cleared, Vikki recalls proceeding to the operating room for her surgery. She was given an anesthetic to minimise the pain as the surgery commenced. Vikki does not include a step-by-step detailing of her actual surgery as she mentions that the Singapore medical law prohibits the posting of these aspects.

Pre-surgery tests were done on Vikki before undergoing the surgery to ensure that her body is fit.

After the surgery, Vikki woke up to fuller and bigger breasts! She recounts not feeling any pain at all. She was told that the anesthesia that was injected to her will last up to three days. Vikki mentions being uncomfortable as her chest felt extremely tight whenever she stretched. Her body needed to adjust to her new breasts, so she was taught some arm exercises to help in loosening her tight chest muscles.

On to her recovery process, Vikki shares that this is the time where pain plagued her chest area after the anesthesia has worn off. She took painkillers for 14 days to manage the pain. She was also freaked out when she saw the bruises on her body caused by the surgery. Her doctor explained that this was a natural occurrence and will heal gradually. In addition, Vikki mentions that the surgery left some scars on the part of her skin where incisions were made. She was advised to press on the scars to aid in flattening them faster.

Vikki’s implants have begun to settle on the 4th week following her surgery. She says that the exercises helped her a lot and that the pain she felt were already gone by this time. Six weeks after her breast augmentation, Vikki shares that her scars have lightened and her side boobs have softened entirely. Full recovery, she says, happens from 6 to 12 months.

Twelve weeks into her recovery, Vikki happily discloses that it was finally time for her to purchase new bras! Her breast size remarkably changed in size. From an A/B cup to a C/D! Vikki’s confidence has improved and she even had a photo shoot to flaunt her fabulous enhanced body!

Vikki flaunts her new  and improved set of twins.

If you want to read the full discourse of Vikki’s successful breast augmentation, proceed to this link.

2. Breast augmentation in Singapore: a review by Yuna of Jpglicious blog

Yuna’s blog review on her breast augmentation comes in two entries. She chronicles her journey by writing about her experiences during the day of her consultation and surgery, as well as her post-op recovery.

Yuna’s chest puts the ‘flat’ in unflattering!

During her consultation, Yuna shares that her doctor examined her breasts to check the shape, balance, and the condition of the skin. The “condition of the skin” refers to the thickness and elasticity of the skin. Yuna’s doctor discussed the extent of the size and type of implants appropriate for her. It was also during the duration of the consultation that Yuna was able to have her questions addressed by her doctor. Yuna mentions that she was having some problems in deciding on what implant size she was getting, so her doctor recommended another session for consultation for her to try out the different sizes of implant.

The following week, Yuna went back to her doctor to do the Breast Implant Trial Volume Sizing Fitting Session. A real-life simulation of the breast implants were tried on during this session in order for the patient to see the actual size of the breasts once the augmentation is done. Yuna mentions that the fitting session helped her visualize the actual outcome of her breasts and highly recommends this step to patients.  

On the day of her surgery, Yuna tells that she followed the advice of the clinic for her to wear a buttoned top so it will be easier for her to dress up after the surgery. Prior to the surgery, Yuna reveals that she had to fast from food and drinks for 12 hours. She was also asked to sign some forms, was issued medications and a stabilising bra to wear for post-op care. Her body’s measurement was taken and the doctor drew markings in her body before the surgery.

Yuna wore a stabilising bra that was issued to her by the clinic after her surgery.

Yuna recalls waking up an hour after the surgery. She was under general anesthesia throughout the surgery, which lasted about an hour and a half. She says that she felt dizzy, pain, and tired when she woke up. The pain was bearable, nevertheless Yuna requested for more painkillers. She shares that she did not have any major problems when it comes to moving, though her chest felt tight and she had to get the hang of having her implants.

A very important tip: Yuna advises to have someone with you to bring you home after the surgery for safety reasons.

The results of Yuna’s breast augmentation are found on the first installment of her breast augmentation blog review. In this blog, Yuna divulges her reasons and the other treatments she tried just to get her breasts to grow bigger. Of course, none of these worked their magic on her.

Yuna blossoms with her new bosoms!

The photos in this blog review shows how the breast augmentation procedure was the answer to Yuna’s chest woes.

Here are the links to the first and second parts of Yuna’s breast augmentation experience.

3. The mommy makeover enhancement after child bearing - episode 3: Breast augmentation and recovery: A review by Evelyn of Evelyn Wee blog

Just by reading the title, you already have an idea of the reason why Evelyn had breast augmentation done. Her blog jumps directly to the details chronicling the day of her surgery. Prior to the start of the actual surgery, Evelyn shares that she was signed consent forms.

Moms like Evelyn can restore the volume of their breasts through breast augmentation.

Evelyn discloses that her doctor made certain markings on her body in preparation for her surgery. She recalls being led into the operating room where she reclined on a bed and was injected with anesthesia. Evelyn was asleep for the duration of the breast augmentation surgery. Her operation took 1 hour to complete.

Evelyn remembers waking up after the surgery feeling drowsy and searing pain on the part of her skin where incisions were made. Her breast implants were set in place and she felt tightness around her chest. The pain she felt was tolerable, although she mentions that this may be because she had high tolerance for pain.

Markings on the chest area of Evelyn were made as a guide during the surgery.

For aftercare, Evelyn took the medications that were prescribed to her and also did some exercise with a one hour interval whenever she was awake. A day after her surgery, Evelyn shares that she had some challenges in breathing as her chest felt so tight. She continued to do the exercises that were taught to her in order to relax her chest muscles.

Evelyn concludes her blog with more photos of her augmented breasts and includes a video of the exercises that she did during her recovery period. It is without a doubt that Evelyn is very happy with the results of her treatment!

Fuller breasts to complete Evelyn’s mommy makeover!

Check out the complete review and a video of Evelyn’s breast augmentation here.

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