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I’m a 34-year-old, female, corporate worker whose skin took quite the hit from all my years shuffling around. After my firstborn, my face aged quite drastically. I had some cystic acne scars from my pregnancy but what bothered me more were the fine lines and wrinkles that seemed to just appear overnight! (I’m probably in denial because I’m pretty sure these are just signs of ageing). I suspect it was from the lack of sleep and from me bouncing back to work sooner than most. I can’t really tell exactly what caused the change in my appearance but it was as clear as day. 

I started taking extra care, including buying a bunch of skincare products that did little to nothing. I then changed my diet and took some collagen supplements. All of which made me feel physically better but I barely saw any improvements on my skin. I was pretty impatient, but a year of working on my skin and seeing no changes really disheartened me. I started looking older next to my husband and naturally, started dealing with self-esteem issues. 

I decided to look into injectables (specifically botox) and for some reason, I wasn’t too convinced. I wanted an option that was more “natural” in the sense that I needed assurance my collagen production was being supported. I was doing some research when I came across Dr Isaac Wong’s videos on Instagram. I was drawn to the video on Gouri- Liquid PCL Collagen Biostimulator and how it was injected into the deeper dermal layers. I also saw how was a speaker at many conferences and he is even Gouri's appointed international trainer! This really helped ease my anxiety about injectables. After a few days of binge-watching his content, my interest was piqued and I booked an appointment at The Artisan Clinic to check if it was a viable option. 

The doctors in the clinic were extremely patient with my inquiries. I was a first-timer so I had many worries and concerns, all of which were handled professionally. They even showed me some past success cases and this really built my confidence.  I was also asked about my health history to determine if I was a suitable candidate for Gouri treatment so I’d advise being transparent if you have any health concerns. My areas of concern were my forehead, under eyes, and cheeks (it was droopy and I had some smile wrinkles). 

Given that I had such a wide area of concern, the Gouri treatment was fitting as I was told it would holistically improve my visage. Since I also wanted a more organic improvement, I was assured that this was indeed the best treatment for it. Whilst inquiring, I also asked about my tech neck. I had deep creases on my neck from staring down and working on computers. Thankfully, Gouri was also an option for tech neck wrinkles. All in all, Gouri checked my boxes so I signed up for the treatment and never looked back. 

The treatment was painless but I could definitely feel the injection. I’d describe it as a tingling sensation of some sort. It was a gentle treatment and  I can't think of a fault in the way it was administered. Dr Isaac Wong checked in on me every few minutes to make sure I was comfortable and pain-free. Now, there were some bumps that I was taken aback by right after the treatment. However, I was informed beforehand of the after-effects and had seen these bumps on others’ skins online prior to my own treatment.  The downtime was pretty quick for me and I got to step out of my house after a day. I’m sure this changes for everyone but personally, I was happy with the downtime. I went back twice after my initial treatment with an interval of four weeks in between. I genuinely saw quite a drastic change after my first session and it motivated me to get the second and third ones. 
It’s been about half a year since my last treatment. Being the sceptic that I am,  I waited to write this review to make sure the treatment lived up to my expectations and I can confirm it exceeded them. Personally, I feel like I look better than I did in my 20s! I am due for my next treatment soon but only because that was the advised interval. At this stage, my skin hasn’t disintegrated, I am just doing this to maintain my newfound youth and to avoid backtracking on my progress. This treatment has brought me so much relief. I’ve got glassy, clear skin, no wrinkles on sight, and look very healthy and glowy in general. My neck, cheeks, and jaw are taut giving the appearance of a defined face.  I know ageing is a natural occurrence in life but when you start looking older than you actually are and your reflection in the mirror distraught you, I say, why not? I have tried and tested everything possible under the sun and I am glad that I opened myself up to this treatment. I am delighted that The The Artisan Clinic was my clinic of choice, they definitely have earned my loyalty. I look forward to ageing gracefully in life. My sincerest gratitude to the doctors that managed my case and the internet for bringing this solution to my awareness!


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