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This clinic is honestly a godsend. Let me give you some backstory first because I am sure anyone in the same position I was in, can relate. I’m a 38 years old, Singaporean-Chinese man that really struggled with self-image. My transition from a young adult to an adult was really short when I started dealing with hair loss. I have a young face, and a young spirit but losing hair aged me badly. I consider myself quite a successful professional but no amount of success made up for the damage that balding had on me. I thought maybe I was being hard on myself. But slowly, younger people around me started referring to me as “uncle”. To make things worse, my dating life took a hit as well, women just couldn’t look past my balding. Soon, I lost confidence in social settings and started shying away frequently. I was super self-conscious and in genuine disbelief at how losing hair could affect my life so much.

I decided that I had enough. I wanted to fix my balding permanently and go back to enjoying life, feeling confident and finding love. I spent a lot of time collecting information and comparing my options. After going through multiple failed treatments (involving herbal supplements, over the counter tonics and creams, etc) at other places that promised me a full head of hair, I was super disheartened. Until I saw some really good Google reviews about Artisan Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic. Their treatment and results are scientifically backed! Let me tell you, it was the best decision made and dime invested.

I was a little nervous when starting out but the professionalism of the doctors and the way they attended to me really calmed my nerves. I had so many questions (as would anyone) but the doctors answered them patiently while walking me through the process.I even got to see some before and after photos of previous patients, and after that, I was convinced. They knew I needed assurance and they were super accommodating. Hair transplants are big investments so a doctor that can respect your queries is important. Whether people care to admit it, hair loss can take a psychological toll on you. The doctors at Artisan Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic are knowledgeable with amazing bedside manners, I didn't feel like just a random patient to them. The doctors and other staff members made me feel very well taken care of.

The whole treatment was painless. Personally, hospital-like environments stress me out a little but this clinic had a welcoming feel to it. It was generally an easy and painless procedure. I was comfortable and the music in the background helped me sit calmly through the procedure. They made sure I was at ease the whole time by constantly checking in on me. After I was done, there was some residual redness but that’s only because I am fair-skinned. Naturally, the redness faded quite quickly. I was strictly following their care guidelines from diet to my sleeping position because I really wanted the transplant to be a success and I was prepared to be as disciplined as I needed to be.


Hair Transplant at Artisan


Now that the process is complete, I can confidently say, if I could go back in time, I would have done this treatment way sooner. I look my age, if not younger! My new hair growth looks natural and grew faster than I expected. No one calls me “uncle” anymore so that’s a relief. Just like I anticipated, my dating life has been fixed, so, it is confirmed that it was my balding that killed my game. Not only am I dating again, but I also get the option to go on multiple dates and find a partner that actually suits me.

One thing I didn’t realise was how badly my productivity was impacted before. Now, even my professional life has improved. I feel a huge burden lifted off my shoulders and my self-esteem has rocketed. Don’t let anyone tell you “it’s just hair”. It is not just hair. Trust me, I know. It is the quality of life and this hair transplant genuinely saved my life! I feel like a brand new, improved version of myself and I am so eternally grateful. I cannot recommend this clinic enough, they’re the absolute best and I would like to just say thank you to Artisan Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr Vincent Tay and Dr Mark Lim and the whole hair transplant team.



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