HIFU Facelift reviews by Singapore beauty experts

The necessity for facelift has mothered the invention and development of procedures from invasive to non-invasive; from painful cutting and surgery, to painless laser and Ultratherapy technologies. Nowadays, getting a facelift is as easy as going out for lunch break and getting back to your desk an hour later after a successful face lift session.

Facelift helps us keep our youthful glow and with it, our youthful spirit.

A bright, tight and youthful face is one less thing to worry about as you age. Many people undergo facelift procedures every day from all around the globe. What once was an invasive procedure that makes one think twice now has friendly, non-painful and non-invasive options.

One of the most talked about facelift procedure is the HIFU treatment. HIFU is short for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This technology uses ultrasound therapy to reach into the deeper layers of the skin and access the collagen production to reverse common signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin and lose jowls. HIFU treatment basically reduces lines, tightens and lifts skin that is sagged due to aging and poor skin health.

Is HIFU a good and effective facelift procedure? Let’s take a closer look at the procedure from what these Singapore beauty experts have shared to us after their HIFU experience.

1. It’s time for that festive prep – HIFU by Leanne

Leanne is a heavy user of contour products and skin care products to keep that young and tight look. However, she admits that age does make it harder for these products to work their magic and its okay to admit when help is already needed.

Leanne is troubled about her “Tech neck”, double chins, sagging skin and wrinkles around the face that she needed intervention in the highest form. She has tried Ultratherapy before but she needed something more. Through her research, she learned that HIFU is the best non-invasive therapy that allows the use of ultrasound device with the deepest diffusion of energy inside the skin, to gain access to collagen and melt face fats.

During treatment: the area under the chin undergoes tightening and lifting

Day of her procedure, Leanne was prepped up in the room with numbing cream on the face. She did share that the pain level for this type of therapy is low, and it becomes lower with pain killers applied to the skin. During the session, in areas of the face that required concentration, she did feel some pain but it was all bearable.

A redness effect on the face during the treatment

After the treatment, Leann showed redness on the face, particularly in areas that underwent HIFU. On day two up to day six, she observed some swelling on the face and felt sore on the cheeks, although she shared that is was still bearable. Other than that, there was no downtime and she was able to continue with her daily routine.

Post HIFU: Day 1 vs day 60 effects

Before her treatment, Leanne had noticeable sagging cheeks and double chin. As the weeks progressed and into day 60 post treatment, Leanne is happy to show her bright face, with tight skin and cheeks, and her double chin gone.

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2. My first attempt on facelift high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) by Hazel

Hazel decided to go through HIFU treatment mainly because of her drooping skin around her face and she wanted to get that V-shaped face back. She admits that with age comes the unwanted changes in your look, especially the sagging skin and lose jowls.

During the session, the jawline is also focused to treat double chins.

Before the session, Hazel went through the regular preparation with her face cleansed and applied with numbing cream. The session took no more than 20 minutes, with the ultrasound device focused on areas that needed treatment. She shared that she felt tingling sensations but they are in no way painful.

A before session and after session shot for comparison

Hazel took a quick before and after shot of her face. Although it was only minutes after the session, a noticeable lift on the face can be seen.

Two weeks after treatment: V-shape is back!

Before her treatment, Hazel complained about her sagging skin and a double chin that was starting to show. Two weeks after her single HIFU session, she is happy to share her updated look with tight skin and her V-shaped face back.

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3. HIFU plus for V-shape face! by Priscilla Azaria Gan

Priscilla has always desired to have a perfectly V-shaped face. She chose the HIFU treatment because apart from its promise to give her what she wants about her face, it also has a natural collagen stimulating process that keeps the face young and fresh.

HIFU treatment does not have a downtime period, which is a plus for her. Priscilla shared that to get the perfect V-shaped face consistently, she plans to have her HIFU treatment once every six months. For other concerns such as sagging skin and lose jowls, one treatment is enough to last for years.

Priscilla also complained about her chubby cheeks which made her feel insecure, and it did prevent her face to have a V-shape, so losing those extra fats on the cheeks was important.

V-shape face achieved!

The session took less than 30 minutes. Priscilla saw instant results after her session as she was excited and looked into the mirror right after. She shared that her face looked tighter and she felt lighter.

In two weeks post treatment, she is happy to share her V-shaped face desire was achieved.

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4. Ultraformer review by Vivien Yap

Even when using skin care creams and the occasional face mask, Vivien admits that she needed further help to get back the bright and lively aura of her face. She needed skin tightening and removal of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

A ‘before HIFU treatment’ shared by Vivien showed her face to have lines under her eyes and lips, lose jowls and a slightly sagging jaw line.

A ‘before treatment’ photo of Vivien

During the session, Vivien felt slightly uncomfortable when the device was focused on specific areas, but it was all bearable and painless. She even managed to give a smile for the photo.

During the session: Vivien manages to smile because there was no pain at all.

Vivien shared that it will naturally take 30 to 90 days for natural collagen reproduction to give a full boost back on her face. She is happy to show that after only 2 months, her face has showed bright improvements from the treatment.

Her cheekbones are higher. The lines under her eyes and around her smile are gone. She has her V-shaped face back. Her face was tighter and brighter.

Two months after her HIFU treatment

Vivien Yap’s blog review will show you a video coverage of her treatment.

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