How I Achieve Brighter and Tighter Skin Without Needles or Lasers

Moving to the UK has done wonders for my personal and family’s well being – but not so much my skin. 

While the cold, dry weather here does reduce acne breakouts and keeps sun spots at bay, I’ve had to deal with terribly dry skin; it lacks shine and firmness due to dehydration. 

This is why I make it a point to squeeze in a visit to The Artisan Group whenever I fly back to Singapore to host events! I’m really glad that I’m still being invited to come back to Singapore to host conferences and events. 

Doing lasers or skinboosters would be out of the question for me due to the downtime involved (hence why I only schedule my Elite IQ 5D laser treatments during longer visits). That’s when The Artisan Wellness (a medispa under The Artisan Group of companies including The Artisan Health Clinic and The Artisan Clinic) recommended Artisan Wiqo MagicLift. 

Invented by Italian dermatologist Dr Rossana Castellana, Wiqo MagicLift is a sophisticated brightening and lifting treatment that does not involve lasers or needles. It is the result of many years of research and it has a chemical patent. It works by biorevitalisation; meaning it not only remodels skin tissue to
be healthier, removes dead skin and tissue and promotes long term collagen production via healthier skin cells. It is also known as Wiqo Uno7 due to the 7 types of collagen that it will produce in your skin! So brilliant is Wiqo that it recently won an award at the prestigious AMWC Monaco Conference (one of the biggest medical aesthetic conference in the world).

Wiqo is applied topically and comes with zero downtime and immediate results – think of this treatment as a facial but with far enhanced results. After just ONE session I noticed a dramatic improvement in skin texture, laxity and complexion (especially around the brows, cheeks and jawline)! I’ve done two sessions so far, and the results are amazing. 


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The clinic recommends four sessions one a week for maximum effect, and thereafter once every two weeks for two cycles. That’s it – just six sessions needed for radiant and tighter skin. Super easy and low effort. It’s truly a game changer for busy individuals like myself, or if you need a last minute glow-up before an event, especially with the festive season around the corner. My skin is glowing and the light reflection is fantastic. 

Check out these real life before/after photos: 


I purchased this 2 home use skincare from the medispa to use at home to maintain my Artisan Wiqo MagicLift results, I’m amazed at the ingredients, it keeps my face smooth, bright, firm and shiny! Many of my colleagues during my events couldn’t stop gushing about my glowing radiant skin :) 

I think Artisan Wiqo MagicLift is fantastic for people who are afraid of injections , needles, lasers and feel like normal facial machines are not strong enough - there’s this gap between the aesthetic clinic treatments and beauty salon treatments and Wiqo MagicLift perfectly fits in that pocket. It is non invasive and yet gives superb results like only invasive treatments can.

Thank you to The Artisan Wellness and Dr Rossana Castellana for this perfect invention. I look forward to doing more Artisan Wiqo MagicLift treatments!


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