How I achieved foxy, feminine eyes with Dr. Samuel Ho

Having done a double eyelid suture procedure a few years ago, I thought it was time for me to finally make the cut (no pun intended). After all, the effects of my Suture procedure were about to wear off, and I was looking for something more permanent. Now, don’t get me wrong- There’s a part of me that really loves my god-given single eyelids, but I wanted a more foxy, feminine look, and there’s nothing that says that like open, luscious eyes. I have beautiful friends with single eyelids who look amazing, but there’s no harm in going for what makes you happy, is there? All in all, I’m really glad to have gotten my eyes enhanced by Dr Samuel Ho.

Prior to the surgery, I had a few concerns: I did not want my eyelids to look fake, and wasn’t sure what type of eyelids I wanted. However, thanks to Dr Ho’s professional guidance and help, I was able to decide on a style and height that would best suit my other facial features. In the end, I went for a high tapered look, as it would open my eyes up the most, and Dr Ho assured me that he would make my eyes pop without looking unnatural. Suffice to say, when I woke up, apart from feeling a little groggy (no nausea, thank god!), I was all smiles at what Dr Ho had helped me achieve.

If you’re feeling confused about what medium/high/low tapered lids are, well, so was I. That’s why having an experienced surgeon is très crucial. Dr Ho discussed everything with me, from the entire surgery process, post-op tips and aftercare, my makeup styles, as well as my intended look, before giving me his recommendation. Personally, I thought it best to heed Dr Ho’s advice. After all, he’s the expert.

Dr Samuel Ho and his team were so warm and friendly as well. I always love being back home in Singapore, and being at his surgery felt really comfortable. The nurses are all sweet and professional, and the entire process from start to finish was smooth and hassle-free.

You can tell when a surgeon is simply after your money, and when they really care about how happy you’ll feel post-op. Dr Ho really cares about his patients feeling confident and good, and it shows in the way he talks to you, listens, and does his work. I highly recommend Allure Plastic Surgery.


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