How I achieved a V-shaped face in JUST 3 days with Dr Isaac Wong

Being a mum with triplets isn’t easy – my kids are energetic little bundles and I have no time to take care of my face at all. I workout quite often, and as much as it sculpts my body, unfortunately the effects of exercise do not apply much to my face shape. Over the years, I noticed some facial sagging due to age - I’m sure all ladies covet a V-shaped face and I’m no exception!

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Years ago I tried HIFU as it was heavily marketed as a “non-surgical facelift” and top choice for achieving a sharp, V-shape face. But to my dismay, it only thinned out my skin instead. So then I decided to give face threadlifts a go with another doctor but I faced many complications such as the thread sticking out. The doctor didn’t know what to do about it and I had to keep going back to fix it. Eventually, they had to remove the threads completely and used fillers to patch up whatever that’s missing.

From then I was extremely skeptical about aesthetic treatments and had a hard time trusting doctors, but a girlfriend recommended Dr Isaac Wong from The Artisan Clinic in 2019. I decided to give it a go as I read multiple positive online reviews about him and his reputation as an international trainer for threadlifts.

True enough, I had a very pleasant experience, right from the consultation to the results. Unlike my previous threadlift experience, my procedure with Dr Isaac gave me the following benefits as promised:

  • Minimal downtime - I could exercise the next day and join my friends for lunch the same afternoon
  • Slight redness and swelling which went away in about a day
  • No complications at all

I was so satisfied with the results and experience that I went back to do the same procedure with Dr Isaac again 2 years later. In the same year, I also tried Prohilo thrice, HIFU (again) and Fotona 4D with other clinics, but none worked as well as threadlifts. It is the most effective and value for money.

This time with Dr Isaac, he recommended I do threadlifts AND dermal fillers for optimal results as I had some hollowing of the under eyes and temples as well as some smile lines. He told me that dermal fillers are non-invasive and help to correct volume loss, enhance facial features and smoothen fine lines. The fantastic thing is that it also stimulates collagen growth and improves hydration of the skin. When fillers are injected into the face, the hyaluronic acid inside attracts moisture to the skin and enables the face to pulp and smoothen.

As per Dr Isaac’s recommendation, I opted for Teoxane fillers to fill up the hollow areas in my face and threadlifts for face contouring. To summarise the overall effects, the fillers help to contour specific areas of my face such as the nose bridge while the threadlift lifts the face and sagging skin, giving it a V-shape.

The procedure was a really smooth and enjoyable one - I was first given local anaesthesia to numb my face before Dr Isaac inserted the PDO threads.

As for the fillers, the friendly staff applied a topical numbing cream and Dr Wong measured the amount of the fillers before injecting them into a few areas of my face. I only felt slight discomfort throughout the whole procedure, so don’t worry if you have low pain tolerance like me!

What really impressed me was that there were no thread holes or other obvious openings since the thread entry points were at the hairline and not at the front of the face. This is despite using MORE threads.

This is a point I wish to highlight - unlike my previous doctor who used only 2 threads each side of the face, Dr Isaac used 6 threads each side. He also charges by treatment instead of the number of threads used - so if your case requires more threads, Dr Isaac will add in more to ensure you get a complete work done on your face. I really applaud this work ethic.

So anyway both procedures were surprisingly fast; they took only about 30-40 minutes. I was relieved that the swelling was minimal even though I had been poked so many times. I could put on makeup and workout in the gym the next day and these are the photos taken on day 0 and day 3 respectively.


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The results were superb – you can see the vast difference in my cheeks. I completely didn’t realise that you could achieve such definition within such a short period of time. I no longer have sagging cheeks and they are now firm and full with a great complexion. A sweet goodbye to sagging nasolabial folds! And yes, my nose tip has sharpened to my great delight and my face is now slimmer with a lovely V-shape jawline. Don’t you all agree that I look like a twenty-year-old now?

I’ll be frank with you, I had a friend who had to fly into Korea on VTL to do a threadlift, but luckily for me, all I needed was a trip to Paragon and voilà, I have a much more beautiful face! Thank goodness we have an internationally renowned expert right here in Singapore.

I am so happy with the results of the threadlift and filler done by The Artisan Clinic. I want to express my gratitude to Dr Isaac Wong for his skilled execution of the procedures and for making me feel safe and cared for every step of the way. I also want to thank the staff for their great service and for making me feel at home. It was a 12/10 experience and I would definitely recommend them.


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