How I achieved a youthful, Korean-looking face by transferring fat to my face: Dr. Samuel Ho review

As a DJ, I used to work till 6am and go to school right after for 830am lessons. So trust me when I say I know how shitty it feels when someone tells you you look tired. That’s code for you look like shit, and I absolutely hate hearing it.

I have always been petite, even in my uni days, and gaining fat for me is an uphill challenge that I always end up losing at. Add on the stresses of corporate life and my slowly decreasing collagen (goodbye early 20s), this has resulted in my face looking more sunken than I’d like, especially in my forehead and temple areas. This is why I decided to visit Allure Plastic Surgery to achieve a more youthful, fresh, Korean look via fat grafting.

I transferred fat from my thighs to my forehead, so I guess you could say I killed two birds with one stone (haha). You can also harvest unwanted fat from your thighs, tummy, love handles, etc. And in case you have no idea what fat grafting is like: The fat that is harvested is then purified and transferred to your desired areas (like the face, breasts, butt, or in my case, my forehead). Unfortunately, you can’t use someone else’s fat. The upside to this is that there’s no chance of your body rejecting the graft because it’s your own fat!

I’ve actually gone for a full-face fat grafting surgery a few years ago, and this time, I wanted to make sure that I was going to have as long-lasting and effective a procedure as possible. It was crucial to me that my surgeon would know just the right amount of fat to graft - Too little and the effects would be negligible, too much and I would look chubby!

Dr Samuel Ho explained to me that fat grafting effects can last and be maintained over years, which makes it infinitely more lasting than fillers. This is because 40% to 60% of the fat cells that are grafted continue to live in your body, while the rest die off.

I’m really thankful that Dr Ho and his team thoroughly counselled me before and after my procedure. They made it clear that diet and exercise were important in the initial six weeks after my procedure, and gave me great instructions and advice for my medication and after-care.

Now, I look much fresher no matter how little sleep I’ve gotten the night before. Not all surgeons are as skilled as Dr Ho when it comes to transferring the fat to the right part of the face, or transferring just the right amount of fat, and I’m so grateful he took the time to discuss my options with me.

In terms of the recovery process, I had mild bruising for a week and swelling. Apart from that, I experienced little discomfort. Thank you once again, Dr Samuel Ho, for being so friendly, professional, and thoughtful.


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