How I Went From an A Cup to C Cup: Breast Augmentation Review with Allure Plastic Surgery

It took me more than 10 years to finally get my boob job, and officially end those years of feeling empty (I don’t know whether my bra or heart felt more empty lol). In those years, I did everything I could to enhance my breast size - Papaya milk, breast enhancing creams, massages, and more. But none of those tricks worked at all. If you’re in a similar position, please don’t fall for such marketing gimmicks.

Why did I wait so long? I had been swamped by inaccurate rumours about breast augmentation surgery, and had no choice but to stick to my useless but non-invasive methods. But when I became very ill two years ago, I dropped from a B to an A cup, and that was the last straw. A close friend of mine recommended me to Dr Samuel Ho, who was doing breast reconstruction for cancer patients at TTSH.

During my consultation sessions, I got to ask Dr Ho all the questions I had, clear my doubts, discuss my options, and more. Thank goodness he was so patient and understanding with me! Allure Plastic Surgery is also one of the first clinics in Singapore to offer a trial volume size fitting, and I was privileged enough to be their first patient to get this fitting done. While other clinics only do 3D simulations, I had an actual visual idea of how my new boobs would look on me.

This fitting helped reassure me that my new breasts wouldn’t look fake (I opted for teardrop silicone implants), and gave me the confidence I needed to make this huge decision without any regrets. I’m also glad that Dr Ho uses Mentor, which is a reputable and modern brand.

The clinic was so efficient and helpful in helping me prepare for my surgery. They advised me on how to prepare myself, what clothes to bring, and reminded me that I was not allowed to have any food or water 12 hours before the op. The waiting room was also really comfortable, and after signing consent forms, getting my medication, and buying a stabilising bra for my post-op boobs, I got my height and weight taken by a friendly nurse. Thank goodness that apart from some GA-induced discomfort, I was able to take a cab home with a friend of mine who was there to support me.

In case you’re considering boob surgery but are swamped with worries and myths like I was, rest assured Dr Ho and his team are super professional and open-minded. I’m so proud of my new boobs, and no longer have to lie to the world with push up bras. Thanks Dr Ho!


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