I changed my life with plastic surgery: thank you Dr Samuel Ho!

As a marketer, influencer, and entrepreneur, I know just how important first impressions are. Which is why I prioritise and pay close attention to my looks. Choosing to undergo chin augmentation and double eyelid surgery wasn’t so much a move of vanity as it was a decision to enhance myself, without losing sight of me. When I was young, I was the unpopular girl with the hamburger face, eczema, small eyes, and huge glasses, but now (hey, it took me about 30+ years), I choose to empower myself by becoming comfortable in my skin. 

During my consultation before my chin augmentation surgery, Dr Samuel Ho explained the options that I had that would best enhance my face shape. He also prepared me mentally by emphasising that I would also need time to adjust to my new face shape after the procedure. It would seem that my friends and family all have adjusted pretty well too!

After a procedure that lasted about 2 hours, I woke up without much swelling at all. I complained to Dr Ho that my teeth felt sore, but he and his team assured me this was perfectly normal. And because they had taken the time to tell me what side effects I would be feeling, I felt very at ease and calm despite the usual after-surgery discomfort. After my surgery, I was also given a week’s course of painkillers, antibiotics, and gastric meds by the friendly staff. Dr Ho’s team also gave me guidelines and tips for my recovery journey. Dr Ho and his assistants were all so professional and friendly.

For my incisional double eyelid surgery, Dr Ho’s team once again made sure I was really comfy throughout the whole procedure- it took about 20 mins for the local anaesthesia to take effect, and no more than an hour for the entire surgery. I was nervous at first, but it was a pretty comfortable process – and completely painless. Till today, I still get lots of compliments for the work that was done by Dr Ho, and I cannot be more thankful. Thank you once again, Allure Plastic Surgery, for doing your utmost to enhance how I look.

Entrusting our face and life to someone else is not an easy decision to make. This is why I chose Allure. I have no regrets at all when it comes to my chin augmentation and double eyelid surgery, and I couldn’t have picked a better team to help me achieve the looks I’ve dreamt of for so long. I’m also so thankful that I have my power back when it comes to feeling confident and beautiful as me.

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