I Did the Same Potenza Treatment as Kim Kardashian — at The Artisan Clinic!

I suffered from very bad acne in my teenage years. Though I did eventually manage to clear up the acne, they left me with horrible acne scars which plagued me for much of my early 20s. I had all sorts of acne scars possible — atrophic, boxcar, rolling and pitting acne scars.

Because of that, it was hard to seek treatment without spending a bomb. Many doctors I consulted at other clinics sold me a combination of treatments including a bunch of different lasers. Those lasers came with a long downtime (one week) which wasn’t really convenient for me and did not yield much improvements as well. Overall, I wasn’t satisfied.

I wanted to give up all hope until one day I came across a review on this website about acne scars— I could relate to the lady who wrote the review so much! She did a treatment called Potenza, which I’ve never heard of before — but her results were enough to convince me to book a consultation at The Artisan Clinic (the place she did her Potenza treatment at).

At the clinic, I met with Dr. Isaac Wong, who did a thorough examination of my skin and very patiently listened to me go on about my past acne scar treatment experiences. He knew about my reservations and did not try to sell me any package at all. Instead, he advised that I try just one Potenza treatment and decide if I want to continue from there.

I’m really glad I decided to give this treatment a chance. Above are my results after ONE Potenza session. You can see how much my acne scars have cleared and how much smoother my skin is. My jawline also looks more defined; the tethered acne scars at my lower cheek previously were causing some dermal atrophy and a “stuck down” appearance.

Of course, the results take a while to come, but that’s why I’m all the more impressed. It has been 2 months since that single session with Dr. Isaac, and my skin has looked the best it’s ever been in a long time! I did not go for any touch-up treatments during those 2 months at all.

I recently also found out that Kim Kardashian does Potenza for her pigmentation, so that’s pretty cool as well. Yes guys, even Potenza is Kim K-approved!



To anyone who’s struggling with acne scars or just bad skin in general, I highly recommend Potenza with Dr. Isaac Wong at The Artisan Clinic. The downtime is a lot shorter (about 2 days) but nothing intense and most importantly, the results speak for themselves.

I’ll definitely be going back for more treatments just so I can have even nicer skin. Thank you Dr. Isaac for giving me back the years I’ve lost struggling with acne scars!


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