I had overfilled cheek fillers, here’s how I rectified them: The Artisan Clinic review

It’s no secret that I achieve my supple, youthful skin with the help of aesthetic treatments. I’ve long been a fan of fillers due to their low downtime, almost immediate results and minimally invasive nature.

However, a few months ago, I experienced a nightmare no one should go through. The clinic I went to at that time injected too much cheek fillers, leaving me with pillow face syndrome — basically, my entire mid face puffed up to a swollen and continuous bulge, causing my eyes to appear smaller than they should. What’s worse, the people around me were asking if I put on weight or if I was having a terrible case of water retention, because the implication was simply too obvious.

The doctor told me to wait it out as he wasn’t equipped to dissolve fillers, but obviously I couldn’t — not at least as an influencer where I frequently have to attend events.

A fellow influencer then referred me to Dr Isaac Wong from The Artisan Clinic for medical advice. I’ve visited Dr Isaac for pico laser treatments in the past. At first look, Dr Issac knew exactly that I had overfilled cheek fillers (just from sending a picture!) and urged me to come down in case of further complications. FYI — did you know that apart from an undesirable aesthetic result, excessive fillers can result in nerve damage and even blindness? Thank goodness Dr Isaac acted swiftly.

At the clinic, he melted my cheek fillers with Hyalase. Because the end result still left me with an overfilled look, Dr Isaac recommended that I “repair” my face with Ellanse fillers for a more natural look. You must be thinking that I must be crazy to inject in more fillers since my last scare — with Ellanse fillers at that, which are irreversible.

But I went ahead as I trusted Dr Isaac’s medical expertise that much, plus I had a fantastic experience with him during my pico laser treatments. On top of that, Dr Isaac is an international trainer for Ellanse, so he knows exactly which points to inject for maximum and natural looking results.

With Ellanse, my face shape is a lot more contoured and overall my skin is much smoother, especially around my temples and laugh lines. Staying youthful requires not just the right doctor with the skill; he has to have sufficient medical knowledge and an eye for beauty as well — I highly recommend Dr Isaac and his team at The Artisan Clinic, especially if you’re looking to get injectables done!

PS. Dr Isaac is also one of the few practitioners in Singapore who can melt away undesirable results from your previous fillers with Hyalase, so keep him in your bookmark.


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