I know why my friends love the Gouri ‘tweakment; from The Artisan Clinic now!

As I get older, I’ve started to notice that my skin looks less youthful. Of course this is something that happens when we get older. I’ve always tried to take care of my skin as much as possible and prevent all these lines and wrinkles from coming out but my busy schedule sometimes prevents me from being consistent with a skincare routine.

My friends have been talking about a treatment that they’ve done before at The Artisan Clinic and the results look really good.

I did some research about it and it’s called Gouri treatment, and it was featured in The Straits Times! So, it really didn’t take much to convince me to get in touch with The Artisan Clinic to ask more about it.


The consultation process was very smooth. I just sent them a WhatsApp and the response was prompt and informative. They briefly explained what this treatment entails and even answered additional questions I had. I did not feel pressured even once during the conversation and I decided to book my consultation appointment with Dr. Isaac Wong.

I would say the experience was very pleasant. I went for my appointment with Dr. Isaac and he really went through every step of what this treatment is and how it’s done. I even found out that he is appointed by Gouri to be their international trainer!

I was apprehensive at first because it does involve needles and injections, which made me think that it’s a filler procedure. But Dr. Isaac assured me that it is not a filler but rather an injectable to stimulate collagen in your skin. He told me that it doesn’t work instantly but helps to rejuvenate your skin naturally over a period of time, so the final results look very natural (unlike botox or fillers which can look a bit plastic and fake).

Just like my WhatsApp chat with the Artisan team, my interaction with Dr. Isaac was very pleasant and I felt good to move forward with the treatment.

Gouri Treatment

From my understanding of what this treatment is, it is a liquid that is injected into the skin at 10 injection points. It is also not an instant transformation, so you will only start to notice the improvement gradually over time. I thought this is very good because it can look like your skin is improving so others around you won’t even notice that you had any skin correction done.


You can tell from my picture that my cheeks are less droopy and the fine lines on my forehead are almost gone. My skin also looks more plump and vibrant. This treatment really helps to improve your natural collagen production which then improves any skin imperfections you have. 

I was told that you can also combine this together with other treatments like Botox and fillers or even skinboosters, but you need to wait one month before doing the others. I decided to just give Gouri treatment a try on its own first because I really wanted to see the results without the others first.


On the day of the treatment, I felt very well taken care of before everything started. They mapped out the points where they will inject the solution and told me all I had to do was sit back and relax.

They were very good at making sure I felt comfortable and let me know before they injected it into my skin. Overall, it is a very fuss-free treatment and you don’t really have to do anything before and during the treatment.

Once they were done injecting at the marked points, I just had to wait a little for some observation but I was able to leave not long after the treatment was completed.

Recovery and Results
There is some downtime after Gouri treatment. After you leave the clinic, you will notice these bumps on your skin, it doesn’t hurt or anything but it is a bit unsightly. So I decided to just go home immediately after.
Fortunately, these bumps didn’t really last very long and I think it depends on each person how long the bumps will last. I was told that it will last between 1 to 3 days but mine started subsiding on the second day. By the third day, the bumps were not that noticeable anymore so I was able to go out as normal by then.

The results were very gradual but I really started to notice it after 1 month. My skin felt tighter (less saggy than before), more supple, and felt hydrated, all the pigmentation problems also started fading, and my skin texture is much better than before. I even noticed my face looks more lifted, almost like botox but it’s more natural.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results! I think this is the right treatment if you want the change to be a gradual improvement over time instead of something instant.

Thank you to Dr. Isaac and the Artisan team for such a pleasant experience from start to finish! I can now understand why my friend vouched for them so much. If you want to improve your skin, you can consider this Gouri treatment for a natural look.


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