I Tried Jamie Yeo’s PicoSure Pro Treatment – Best Pigmentation Treatment in Singapore?

When it comes to beauty products and aesthetic treatments, I prefer choosing recommendations that are tried and tested, especially by celebrities. I think we can all agree that we feel safer doing a treatment knowing it’s been done by a celeb, especially if the treatment shows fantastic results.

Recently, I came across an Instagram post by local TV sweetheart Jamie Yeo. To my knowledge, she’s always been transparent about the work she’s done on her face.


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Obviously, she looks remarkable – especially for her age (45 years old!). In the post she mentioned that she did PicoSure Pro, an upgraded version of the popular PicoSure laser. It definitely piqued my interest as I’ve not heard of this new version before. And if Jamie Yeo says “you have to check it ASAP” – my vain self cannot say no.

I did a quick Google search on PicoSure Pro but did not get many results from local clinics; in fact, there were less than five clinics in Singapore and within Asia that offered this treatment. I reached out directly to Dr Isaac Wong from The Artisan Clinic since Jamie Yeo did her treatment with him, and there was also a Straits Times feature on The Artisan Clinic and PicoSure Pro.

Dr Isaac was very quick to reply to my enquiry and slotted in an appointment for me despite his busy schedule. At that time, he was travelling and introducing PicoSure Pro to other countries.

During the consultation he told me everything I needed to know – how PicoSure Pro is different from the older pico laser, how it’s excellent for treating pigmentation (it’s the first FDA-approved picosecond laser cleared to treat conditions like melasma), downtime etc. I also found out that Dr Isaac treated Felicia Chin with PicoSure Pro!

I’ve only done one session and my skin already looks a lot more radiant. The procedure was not painful at all and took up only about 15 minutes of my time. Can’t wait to do more and see the same results as the patients below who’ve done the treatment. I got those pictures by searching for PicoSure Pro results on Google - sharing them here with you guys! 


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