Invisalign as experienced by Singapore bloggers

Having crooked teeth can pose certain inconveniences. Aside from looking aesthetically displeasing, sometimes it can cause problems with jaw alignments and may bring risks such as locking of jaws. When teeth are not aligned perfectly, there is a high probability that some teeth do not get cleaned properly. This can result to plaque buildup or bacteria growth.

The traditional way of achieving straight teeth is by getting metal braces attached. Those who had to undergo this contraption to correct their pearly whites’ misalignment can attest that it can be one’s worst (not to mention painful) nightmares!

Thankfully, the dental industry keeps on improving. Aesthetic dentistry developed another way of achieving straight teeth without cramming metal braces in the mouth. What is this procedure?

Ladies and gentlemen, here are blog reviews to help you get to know more about INVISALIGN.

1. Hello, Invisalign! by Brenda Ng

Brenda confesses at the start of her blog review that her teeth have been one of her greatest insecurities as they are misaligned. Because of this, her smile has always been with sealed lips and a hand over her mouth whenever she laughed.

Crooked teeth can be a source of low self confidence.

Prior to getting Invisalign, Brenda shares that she considered getting metal braces as this cost less. However, she put off this thought when she heard about the discomfort, hindrances, and pain that the metal wires have brought some of her friends who used it and at the same time, after realizing that her smile would be aesthetically displeasing, due the metallic grills.

To start her Invisalign journey, Brenda shares that she went in for a dentist’s consultation. During the consultation, Brenda’s teeth were scanned using a 3D imaging device. This scanner took the 3D image of her teeth within minutes instead of doing the traditional moulds. The device was also able to give a simulation of the expected result of her Invisalign treatment.

No need for moulds with this device.

In preparation for the aligners, Brenda mentions that a couple of her teeth had to be extracted. She also had her teeth cleansed and polished thoroughly.

Diligence is needed when wearing Invisalign in order to achieve optimum results.

Next, Brenda tells that attachments, in the form of little bumps, were secured onto her teeth. The attachments worked to allow the aligners to be properly set in place and move the jaw to its proper bite position. And with that, Brenda is ready to wear her Invisalign aligners!

To read all about Brenda’s Invisalign experience, click here.

2. Invisalign – the clear choice by Xiaxue

The set of teeth on the top row of Xiaxue’s mouth is “pretty straight,” as she shares in her blog. But, a close to both rows of her teeth in one photo shows that the problem lies in the bottom row of her teeth. A lot of people have asked her to have this corrected. She also expresses her dismay with how her lower lip protrudes out, likening it to that of an ape’s mouth.

Xiaxue hopes to correct her protruding lower lip with Invisalign.

Xiaxue turns to Invisalign to achieve that perfect Hollywood smile she has been dreaming of! At the beginning of her Invisalign treatment, Xiaxue shares that she went in for a consultation to see if she’s suitable for Invisalign. After getting approved, a mould of her teeth was done. Xiaxue mentions that the mould of her teeth was sent abroad where the sets of aligners are made.

Thanks to its transparent material, patients can have their teeth straightened naturally and in a less obvious way.

A total of 19 sets of aligners for her top teeth and 11 for the bottom layer were made for Xiaxue. She explains that each aligner is to be worn for two weeks. To wear it, she says to just “snap it on!”

What I love about this review is the additional FAQs that Xiaxue included. For the cost, she shares that Invisalign costs more than the traditional metal braces, but she attests that is so much better. Invisalign users are not exempted from pain. Xiaxue shares that the pain is tolerable, as compared to metal braces.

Progress! Xiaxue’s teeth on the bottom layer are almost perfectly straight!

These are only a few of the benefits that Xiaxue enumerates about Invisalign.For more FAQs and a video of her teeth’s progress with her Invisalign treatment, you can proceed to her blog.

3. Invisalign! by Sophie Willocq

Sophie shares in her blog that her main dilemma, aside from having crooked teeth, is the overlapping of the bottom row of her gums over her top row, which presented difficulty when it comes to her bite. Because of this, her jaw looked “longer and pointier.”

At the beginning of her blog, Sophie shares that she has been looking into getting Invisalign and was even able to get a consultation with a different clinic—which did not end up nicely. We’re not going to elaborate on that. On a lighter note, this incident is can serve as a great advice for people who are keen on getting Invisalign: be sure to go to a reputable dental clinic to have yours done!

Moving on, Sophie narrates that on her second attempt of getting Invisalign, everything was a breeze. It was quicker than what she first experienced!

First up, consultation. Sophie enumerates the three steps that dentist did: got x-rays of her mouth, took moulds of her teeth, and cleaned her teeth to prepare them for the day her aligners arrive. About a month later, Sophie exclaims that her aligners had arrived!

An x-ray of the teeth is needed to ensure that the aligners are done well.

On her second visit, Sophie recalls that she was presented with her Invisalign clear aligners. She mentions that each pair is worn for 2 weeks before changing to a new set. The movement of the teeth progresses as the set of aligners is changed. A strict reminder: Sophie says that it is important to keep the aligners in their cases all the time to avoid losing them. There may be cases where they might get thrown in the trash!

Sophie attaching on the aligner for the top row of her teeth. Easy-peasy!

Sophie mentions that her Invisalign treatment extended up to 7 months, although the duration may vary from one person to another. She also says that she felt pain in her teeth for the first 2 days of wearing the clear aligners. The clear aligners should be worn for 22 hours each day. For the cost, she tells that a full course may cost $8,000, but this may differ on a case to case basis. She suggests going for a consultation to get the accurate details for this.

Sophie is very much pleased with her clear aligners.

Here is the link to Sophie’s blog for a full dose of her Invisalign review and succeeding updates.

4. My Invisalign journey by Ben

Finding a blog review done by a male blogger is like finding a needle in a haystack! We are definitely including this Invisalign review by Ben for our guy readers out there!

Ben shares in his blog that he has been complaining about the misalignment of his front teeth. He says that this has been bugging him, especially when they are noticeable in photos and videos. To add to this, the bottom row of his teeth is also crooked.

Odd one out. One of Ben’s front teeth is obviously missing the alignment.

To note, this blog review records the second dental clinic he visited for Invisalign. The first one, he mentions, gave him a bad experience.

Moulds of Ben’s teeth are made and shipped abroad where the clear aligners are made.

On Ben’s first visit to this new dentist, he shares that an x-ray of his teeth was done and a dental impression (mould) of his teeth was made. Following this visit, Ben informs that his orthodontist explained to him every detail of the treatment. Another mould was made from his teeth. These dental impressions were sent abroad where the clear aligners are made. Ben says that there will be two weeks of waiting time for the clear aligners to arrive.

Invisalign in action! Notice how one of Ben’s front teeth is now much more aligned.

Skipping on to the 3rd installment of Ben’s review, he divulges about the effectiveness of Invisalign’s clear aligners. He raves about how the aligners are really doing their job in moving his teeth and getting them aligned. One of his front teeth is no longer protruding! He also comments about how Invisalign is very comfortable to use. There is no need to worry about getting mouth ulcers or avoiding certain food, unlike when you wear metal braces. Overall, it is safe to say that Ben’s journey with Invisalign is effective.

Ben is clearly impressed with improvements that Invisalign did to his teeth!

Ben’s Invisalign journey is broken down into three blogs. You can read them on his personal blog site, Typical Ben.


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