Invisible braces: A collection of blog reviews about clear braces in Singapore

A great smile with straight white teeth is a beautiful sight to behold. A simple smile can brighten another person’s day. We all want to have that perfect, straight white teeth and make our smiles a masterpiece, but the truth is not everyone gets to have straight teeth.

Braces or aligners are used to align the teeth that are crooked due to a number of causes. This can be teeth crowding, overbites, underbites or crooked teeth. This is an orthodontic procedure that puts slight pressure on the teeth to realign them on the correct form.

Invisible braces or clear braces was introduced to the world of orthodontics as an option for patients so they can still get the teeth aligning treatment without the visible steel marks on the teeth. However, not everyone can just choose and get the invisible braces treatment. There are limits.

Invisible braces are custom built to act as a jacket for every tooth using acrylic material. Because of this, there are more tight-fitting and is not an advisable treatment for patients with severe crooked and overcrowded teeth. This treatment is advisable for teens and adults when the teeth formation has halted, whereas a child’s teeth may still move and rearrange.

These bloggers will share their clear braces experience and how it worked for them.

1. Katelyn’s Zenyum experience: about Zenyum and 2-weeks review by Katelyn Tan Hui Ping

Three months before her wedding day, Katelyn wanted to do something about her front teeth where one is visibly misaligned and she is bothered by it. After much consideration and research, Katelyn went for Zenyum Invisible Braces mostly because of its affordable price compared to other brands and it convenience. Katelyn shared that Zenyum is more suitable for fixing front teeth issues and aesthetic problems.

Measurements being made to pattern the invisible braces

Katelyn underwent the IPR or Interproximal Reduction procedure which is to shave the teeth to prepare a workaround for the movement and fitting of teeth when they are aligned. Katelyn had a bit of overcrowding on her front teeth which is why she needed IPR.

Katelyn trying on her invisible braces

Katelyn received her Zenyum Invisible Braces about a month after her consultation and measurements. Depending on the treatment you will get, she shared that you will get a set of invisible braces in the package which you will use in the succeeding weeks. Her treatment involved changing her invisible braces every 5 days into a tighter version. She shared that she felt pressure on her teeth every time she changed sets, but there is no discomfort and the new feeling usually goes away after a day. She also shared that eating is not a problem even with her invisible braces on.

Overall, Katelyn is very happy with her choice. Even with her invisible braces on, many people can’t tell that she has it on.

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2. After a year of Invisalign by Eunice Annabel

Eunice wanted to have her teeth fixed without having to go through the pain and discomfort of fixed braces and its aesthetic effects. She initially complained about overcrowding on her bottom set of teeth and this pushed her to get treatment. After her consultation, she was informed that apart from overcrowding, she also had a receding gum line, a slight overbite and an imparted wisdom tooth.

Eunice had overcrowding teeth which made them misaligned

Eunice chose Invisalign because its promises a painless and no discomfort process and definitely no unpleasing aesthetics. The invisible braces would allow her to go about her every day routine without worrying that she may look differently. She also shared that wearing invisible braces is a great confidence booster because you know you are on your way to a better set of teeth.

Five months into the treatment

Eunice shared photos five months into the treatment and we can see great improvements especially on her overcrowding complaint. She shared that she wanted to finish the treatment on the designated time so she wore her invisible braces as often as she can and only took them off when absolutely needed.

Katelyn finished her treatment in only nine months and happily shared her perfect smile after her treatment. She did not experience any discomfort during the entire treatment, and only the occasional bearable pain when she was having her teeth cleaned.

Comparing the smile, one year after

Overall, Eunice was happy about her choice of invisible braces and happy that she decided to undergo treatment once and for all. She was able to get what she wanted and had a perfectly aligned set of teeth in just 11 months.

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3. Invisalign – the clear choice by Xiaxue

Xiaxue wanted to get her teeth fixed for many reasons. At first, she disregarded the crooked bottom set of teeth but realized that a perfect smile is actually important for her. It adds cleanliness, poise and class. Also, for Xiaxue having a straight set of teeth is the best kind aesthetic improvement you can do to yourself, because it only fixed but it does not alter anything natural on your entire appearance.

You get a mold for your teeth to see a view of what will be fixed. This is Xiaxue’s teeth mold.

Xiaxue chose Invisalign Invisible Braces for her teeth straightening journey. After her consultation, she received a set of 19 aligners and she was directed to use each one for every 2 weeks. Each set is labelled for her convenience and is easy to follow.

When she had her first set, she was surprised to see how easy it is to snap on. Xiaxue is happy to note that the braces are easy to remove also. So for her, who goes to shooting and photo sessions, an easy-remove aligner is a plus.

This is how it looks up close.

Xiaxue received a set of 19 aligners for her top teeth and 11 aligners for her bottom teeth. Apparently, even with a straight set on the top, she needed to have the U-shape instead of V-shape. She shared that a perfect smile is supposed to show 8-10 teeth, but hers only showed 6 initially.

You can’t tell the difference. Xiaxue is wearing her invisible braces in this photo.

Xiaxue shared that invisible braces are more comfortable to wear, in contrast to her experience with fixed braces before. There was no pain at all and it did help her limit her snacking so it can have a positive effect to her weight, too.

You can read about Xiaxue’s invisible braces journey on her blog here.

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