Jamie Yeo: The secret to looking 10 years younger

Just like everyone else, my body undergoes the usual wear and tear as the years go by. We all age differently, and it’s important to find ways that allow us to preserve what we have and still age gracefully.


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For myself, I do this through regular exercise, healthy eating habits and aesthetic treatments. Yes, skin care is important – but aesthetic treatments are what will differentiate someone from merely having good skin vs someone who looks years younger. We can apply 1 million dollars worth of skincare and get 1 million dollars worth of “lifting machines” treatments and it won’t beat just $10k’s worth of well placed ellanse and threadlifts !

I’ve been going to The Artisan Clinic’s Dr Isaac Wong for over five years and they have helped eased me into my 40s with grace. A doctor who is very knowledgeable in his craft is so important because we all have different needs that takes a sharp eye and keen knowledge to diagnose. 


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In my case, pigmentation isn’t a problem for me but I have thin skin which can appear saggy. Fillers are really common these days but what’s best for you? I like Ellanse as a filler because it lasts for at least 2 years and triggers collagen growth in your skin combined with the threadlifts. The increased collagen from Ellanse means the threadlifts can work even better! Also, if a doctor just uses fillers only, the face can get overfilled and I’m just super grateful Dr Isaac gives me the right amount of filler and threads for the most natural look (after all, I face the camera a lot and host gigs so I do have to look youthful AND natural). 

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I’m letting you in on another one of my well-kept secrets: the MINT thread lift treatment done by Dr Isaac Wong at The Artisan Clinic.

I first got into thread lifts about 9 years ago. Back then, I went to another doctor. I liked the lift the threads gave me but I bruised a lot from them. Sometimes, the bruises only healed after 2 weeks. Given my line of work, I couldn’t afford the downtime, so I didn’t go for the treatment that much. Over the course of years I did tinker with threadlifts with other doctors, but to be honest none left me with very pleasant experiences. I remember one in particular who didn't dare to insert the needle and took a really long time, which in turn made me really nervous too.

It wasn’t until I met Dr. Isaac Wong that I realised it is possible to get threadlifts WITHOUT the discomfort and still achieve fantastic results.

Before I dive into my experience with Dr. Wong, here’s a brief background on him:

  • He is the founder and medical director of The Artisan Clinic.
  • He has over 10 years of extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to aesthetic medicine and is a certified speaker and trainer of various aesthetic procedures, such as MINT thread lift, Silhouette Soft and Ellanse and Teoxane fillers.
  • He is so good at performing his craft that he was recently invited to be an international speaker for a MINT thread lift workshop in London, where he gave a talk alongside a colleague who did the thread lifts on Kane of Bling Empire! He is flying too much nowadays giving lectures for so many fillers and thread conferences , I’m finding it hard to book him already! 

Giving credit where credit is due – here’s why I only trust Dr. Wong with my aesthetic procedures:

  1. He’s quick and confident

While it took me 30 minutes (plus bruises!) to complete a thread lift session with other clinics, Dr. Wong performs my MINT treatment in less than 15 minutes! He knows exactly where the threads should be inserted and my skin almost never bruises following the treatment. His Ellanse treatment only took 30 minutes for a full face treatment as well. 

  1. He performs the procedure immaculately

I’m going to be honest. Threadlifts are much more invasive than other treatments, like lasers. It is not for the faint hearted. I will not say that there is zero percent chance of discomfort during the procedure because you will definitely feel some, but Dr. Wong manages to reduce any discomfort as much as possible. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain when he injects the local anesthetic is about a 5, while the threadlifts itself is about a 2.

Apart from MINT threadlifts I’ve done other treatments with Dr. Wong before, and he always performs them with the same high standard and skill.

  1. He genuinely cares and only recommends what’s best

Although I have a friend in Dr. Wong whom I know is always eager to help me look better with many amazing treatments, I actually don't really go for that many because the mint threads lift up my face so nicely, and the lift also helps the texture of my skin. The threads also last at least 8 months at full results.

For myself I combine threads with fillers, reason being there’s a limit to how much filler should be injected especially if you don’t want to risk looking overfilled. MINT threads are also USA FDA-cleared and very safe.


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In summary, I would recommend Dr. Wong to my friends and family or simply anyone looking to stave off the effects of ageing. An experienced doctor is so important and Dr. Wong surpasses other doctors in terms of knowledge and skills easily. 

If you have any questions regarding thread lifts or just anti ageing treatments in general please feel free to ask Dr. Isaac Wong more about them.

I’ll share more soon but in the meantime, if you want to look your best (and younger) for all your year-end festivities, book your consultation with @the.artisan.clinic asap!

Top tip on which doctor to go for at The Artisan Clinic :

Fillers and Threadlifts : @dr.Isaac.wong

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