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Invisible braces are rising in popularity in the world of orthodontics. Finally, we have an option for braces without the need to have steel brackets showing on the teeth, while on your road to teeth straightening.

Mbrace is a teeth straightening treatment using clear aligners made from FDA-approved material. This treatment promises barely noticeable aligners while working to resolve crooked teeth issues. Mbrace aligners are custom-made for each patient or specific set of teeth where the needed correction has been identified.

Mbrace originated in Singapore and has now extended to neighboring Asian countries. The treatment begins with a consultation and identifying the type of correction needed for your set of teeth. The aligners are then custom-made to fit your teeth, but you will feel a slight pressure as this starts to work on straightening. However, you should not feel any sort of sharp pain or unbearable pain that persists.

The good thing about Mbrace is the aligners are removable, and so you are advised to remove them when you eat. In addition, there are no food or drink restrictions, unlike fixed braces. However, you are advised to wear your aligners at least 22 hours every day for faster results.

On an average, Mbrace treatment may take six to eighteen months, and this may depend on the complexity of teeth straightening needed. But orthodontists reserve the right to decide whether your teeth are Mbrace treatable or not.

Let’s learn how these beauty experts experienced their Mbrace journey.

1. Little miss Bento – Mbrace by Shirley Wong

Shirley Wong had crooked teeth for as long as she can recall. When she was younger, her parents were traditional and did not do much research about teeth straightening, and this also leads her to feel conscious about metal braces because of the possible pain and the visible aesthetic braces. With the changes and improvements in orthodontics, she learned about Mbrace and was quite intrigued.

Shirley shared that learning about Mbrace really dissolved her small anxiousness to visit dental clinics. After researching more and understanding about Mbrace and how it works, she was instantly solved and knew that this was the perfect teeth straightening treatment for her. After all, her work involved a lot of being in front of a camera, so a perfect set of straight teeth is important.

Not wearing Mbrace

Shirley liked the idea of Mbrace where she did not need to have metal brackets like metal braces. She shared that she was happy to know she can remove the aligners anytime, especially when brushing her teeth and flossing. This can lead to minimal to no disruption with food and eating, and no metal attachments will not limit the build up of plaque.

Shirley went into her consultation and her teeth was molded to see what needed correction and the precise positioning. She was impressed at the digital view of her teeth and how it showed the journey to teeth straightening. For her, a computer simulation and being able to see how her crooked teeth will be treated is comforting.

Wearing Mbrace – barely visible

Shirley Wong received her set of Mbrace aligners two weeks after her consultation. Her treatment included changing her set of aligners every two weeks to a tighter set. Her treatment will last for about a year, and she is required to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day. As for the visibility, she is very happy to share that the aligners are barely visible even through close up, which is perfect for her. An adjustment period and getting used to a foreign object in the mouth is normal but she did not feel any pain or discomfort.

Shirley has not yet shared or updated the end results of her treatment.

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2. My journey to a greater smile with Mbrace clear Aligners by Mongchin Yeoh

Mongchin Yeoh suffered from imperfect teeth, and this concerned her mostly because it causes problems with her speech, gives her ulcers and she notices a problem with her bites. She did a lot of research about teeth straightening and possible treatments, but the idea of visible metal brackets did not appeal to her. Only when she learned about Mbrace Clear Aligners did she consider wearing braces to finally fix the crooked teeth issue.

These photos show the position of Mongchin’s teeth pre-Mbrace. There are overcrowding and crooked teeth

Mongchin has problems with overcrowding and crooked teeth on both upper and lower jaws. After her consultation and dental x-ray, she was recommended to go through Mbrace treatment for a faster teeth straightening method, and she was happy to oblige. She shared that she chose Mbrace aligners because it promised a faster teeth straightening process as compared to metal braces, it is barely visible and removable.

On her second consultation, she was showed a virtual simulation on how her teeth look right now and how it will look after the treatment. This excited Mongchin to begin with her Mbrace journey.

Mongchin shows a confident smile as she is on her teeth straightening journey with Mbrace.

Mongchin was given 12 sets of aligners in her Mbrace pack which she was instructed to switch every 2 weeks. She will undergo Mbrace treatment for six months which is very much appealing to her. She was also happy to share that not a single person noticed her wearing the invisible aligners.

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3. Bracing myself of clear aligners by The Bear Blog

She calls herself The Bear because she likes caving and staying inside her home. The Bear shares about wanting to get her teeth fixed for the longest time because of issues, specifically her protruding front teeth. This causes her upper lip to push out and her chin recede. She did not want metal brackets because of its visibility, difficulty in eating and the length of time it takes to wear metal braces.

Her teeth were molded and an x-ray was taken to see the current position of her teeth.

When she learned about invisible braces, her interest was instantly piqued and she decided to go for a consultation. The consultation was quick and smooth. Her teeth were molded to see the pattern and an X-ray was taken for a clearer and deeper view. The doctor recommended extracting two molars on her upper set of teeth before applying the clear aligners.

From 1 week to 17 weeks comparison

She was given 3 sets of aligners and she was instructed to wear each set of two weeks, for 20 to 22 hours every day, only taking them out when brushing her teeth or eating. She was also instructed to visit the clinic every 4 weeks for her new set of aligners and to keep track of her progress. Her photos below show the 17 weeks transformation.

Two years after her treatment, she wears a confident smile.

Time flies when you are excited and anticipating something. In her case, after two years of treatment, she was happy to share the results. She had straighter teeth which were not protruding anymore, and she had a whiter set of teeth.

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