Men, here’s why you should get your nose job with Dr. Samuel Ho

First of all, I’d like to bust the myth that plastic surgery is only meant for women. Dr Samuel Ho actually told me that about 30% to 35% of his clientele are men. Now, some of the most popular surgeries amongst his male clientele are: eye bag removal, droopy eyelid correction, and gynecomastia (google it), but my procedure of choice was rhinoplasty. I believe that men should also be allowed to feel as confident in their skin as women do, and I’m so glad that Dr Ho and his team are super friendly and judgement-free when it comes to helping metrosexual men.

Secondly, it’s so important to work with a professional who won’t just give you what you think you want, but actually sits down with you, goes through the facts, and recommends what is best for you. Dr Ho was very patient with me, and made sure that I was as informed as possible during my consultation sessions.

During my consults, Dr Ho explained that there were a few key things to consider regarding my rhinoplasty: Whether I wanted an open or closed rhinoplasty, implants or my own tissues, and if I wanted a straighter nose or alar reduction. Not many plastic surgeons will eke out that much concerted time and effort to ensure their clients know what they’re doing to themselves.

As an interior designer, one of my worst nightmares is clients who have no idea what they want. These clients inadvertently waste time and money, so thank you, Dr Ho, for generously equipping me with the vital information I needed. I’ve heard horror stories from both female and male friends who’ve gone for multiple rhinoplasties to cure botched op after botched op, so apart from the stellar service the clinic offered, what I respect most about Allure is that they helped me to confidently decide what I wanted my nose (and effectively, the rest of my face) to look like with no regrets.

With a bridge and tip rhinoplasty, the width and size of my nostrils were reduced, without affecting the natural balance and symmetry of my features. I actually think I look more open and approachable now, which is great for modelling and even for my interior design work. I am glad that I was able to sculpt my nose in a way that best suited my face, and am also really happy with how natural my post-op nose looks.

If you’re looking for a professional and thoughtful plastic surgery clinic that can help you enhance the shape of your nose in a way that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your facial features (or if you just want to smell the roses a little better), I highly recommend Allure Plastic Surgery.


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