My Adult Acne Experience at Ozhean Zoey: Secret RF Review

I’ve always had relatively okay skin all my life, including my teenage years. There were occasional breakouts here and there, but nothing too harsh — so I thought I was blessed till I was hit with adult acne. For some context, I’m 29 this year and started getting severe acne breakouts after I turned 25; I attribute that to work stress, hormones and probably excess dirt since I started working out regularly then and wasn’t mindful of hygiene.

I tried everything possible — altered my diet, slept more and tried topical treatments too but they did not really help. A friend recommended I try laser treatment at another aesthetic clinic. The laser helped but I stopped after a while because a) I saw progress and was satisfied, b) the treatments were getting too expensive for me to maintain.

But to my horror, about 2 months later the acne started coming back! I went back to the clinic and the doctor basically introduced more lasers into the mix but I was not really keen, especially with the exorbitant costs involved. I then came across an acne treatment ad by Ozhean Zoey and was intrigued because they did not mention lasers.

At the clinic, I met with Dr. Sam who was nothing but warm, friendly and knowledgeable. He shared with me why so many acne treatments don’t work, and told me very truthfully that there is no long term treatment for acne till our hormone levels drop.

I was honestly bummed and thought I had no choice but to get on medication or live with my acne, but then Dr Sam recommended I do Secret RF, an acne treatment that uses microneedling and radiofrequency technology to target active sebaceous glands and shut them down. By doing so, we prevent the formation of new acne entirely since the glands are gone.

It took me a lot of courage to trust aesthetic treatments again but I’m really glad I did! Every session was so comfortable and enjoyable and Dr. Sam and his team of nurses really took the extra mile to care for me. From prepping my face with the hydrawhite facial and Pro Yellow Laser to doing the actual microneedling itself, I felt safe and assured throughout my entire experience.

I’m 4 sessions in and I can really see a noticeable difference. As you can see, all my red bumps are almost gone — and I thought I saw results with laser treatments at the previous clinic! My skin also looks a lot more radiant and dewy and I feel a lot more confident leaving the house without makeup on now.

I was told that due to the mechanics by which Secret RF works (shutting down acne glands), Secret RF is an acne treatment with lifelong results. This is truly money well spent and while I’m glad, I will truly miss the dedicated team at Ozhean Zoey once my treatment is done. Thank you everyone for your hard work!


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