My Favourite Red Carpet Laser With No Pain & Downtime – Cynosure Elite IQ™ 5D from The Artisan Clinic


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With my hectic schedule it’s impossible for me to choose aesthetic treatments with any downtime – that’s where the Elite IQ 5D laser from Cynosure comes in.

I’m not new to laser treatments, but the Elite IQ is my favourite so far due to its instant tightening and brightening effect. The most impressive part is that the procedure is NOT painful at all; laser treatments are known to have a ‘mosquito bite’ pain effect.

Some background information about Elite IQ 5D:

  • It is an all-in-one long pulse laser treatment that targets ALL five layers of the face
  • It heats five substances under the skin (moisture, melanin, hemoglobin, collagen, fat) simultaneously
  • It can treat almost all types of skin conditions, from wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation to even rosacea. Personally, I use Elite IQ for overall skin revitalization and to target those pesky pores and eye lines.
  • It works by the mechanism of collagen stimulation – meaning its effects are super safe and natural and can last for a very long time

I got my treatment done with Dr Mark Lim from The Artisan Clinic after hearing many Artisan patients rave about Elite IQ (it’s known as the Red Carpet BRIGHTENLIFT treatment there).


A post shared by Jamie Yeo (@iamjamieyeo)

I can see how the treatments got its name – right after my session I could already see an instant glow and improvement in skin texture. It’s been a few weeks and I’m loving the improved pore size, tighter jawline and brighter eyes. I’m impressed with the eye lift the most; it’s not easy to target the eye area as that area is super thin.

Kudos to Dr Mark for doing an excellent job – he’s so precise and good with machines. I definitely recommend this laser treatment if you’re afraid of painful and invasive treatments, but still want visible skin improvement. I especially recommend this if you have a big event coming up and need a quick, last minute glow up.

There is no downtime and pain at all and in my opinion very worth doing if you have a slew of skin concerns you want to treat.


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