My First Time Getting a Boob Job at 48

As a woman in my late 40s, I had begun to lose confidence in my body due to my sagging and small breasts. I’ve always wanted to explore getting a boob job to fix my small and droopy breasts, which is getting worse over age. Six months ago, I decided to go for it.

I came across a few ads from 2-3 clinics and enquired with all of them. To my surprise, the replies from Nassim Plastic Surgery were very fast, even though I reached out to them after working hours. I scheduled an appointment with Dr Janna Joethy from Nassim Plastic Surgery as they answered my initial questions swiftly and enquired about my preferences and budget too. Money wasn’t really an issue for me; my priority was safety (very important at this age) and of course I wanted my boobs to look as natural as possible. 


During the consultation, being the paranoid auntie I am (it’s my first time doing plastic surgery after all) I bombarded Dr Janna with a lot of questions. By a lot, I also mean questions like whether I can go for full body massages in future, and what will happen if I fall and land on my chest. I mean, you always have to think of all the possible scenarios, right?! 

Luckily he was patient enough and took the time to answer all my questions. The nurses and staff at the clinic were also very helpful and friendly. 

Dr Janna shared with me the brand of the implants he uses (Mentor), and that he prefers to go with stitches under the breasts so that surgical scars are hidden. Aesthetics aside, one of my biggest concerns was pain and scarring after surgery and if I would be limited to the kind of physical activities I could do after surgery. I am quite active and workout a few times a week. Dr Janna was upfront about the recovery period and said that it could take anywhere from three to six months for the implants to settle and swelling to go down.

Do Your Research

After the consultation, I went home to think about it as I did not want to make a decision immediately. My tip would be to do your own research and read reviews from people who have undergone the procedure themselves. As much as Dr Janna was very helpful, I still wanted to hear real life stories from actual people. I did a ton of research on Mentor and went through hundreds of before and after pictures on platforms like Reddit, Quora etc. Eventually I decided I would go with Mentor, as they are one of the most established brands in the market, based in the USA, and reviews are largely based on how comfortable and natural they look and feel. 

The surgery took about 1.5 hours. You will be asleep the whole time. I’ve heard mixed reactions about general anesthesia, fortunately for me the side effects were not that bad, just a bit of nausea. 


Recovery was not easy at first, as Dr Janna had informed me beforehand. He had advised me to be patient as breast implants normally can take up to three months to adjust to the body and look natural, and it takes time for the swelling and bruising to clear. He was very clear about what to expect after surgery, including possible minor bleeding which I did experience. The first few days were the worst – I needed someone to help me get out of bed, was in a lot of pain and felt very sore. The skin around my breasts felt very tight and swollen. On top of that, I could only shower after 48 hours. But it will get better, I promise! 

Breast Augmentation

It took approximately 8 weeks to fully recover from the surgery. During that time I visited Dr Janna for frequent follow-ups where he took the time to check my incisions and recovery process thoroughly. 

Initially I was worried that maybe I chose a cup size that was too big, because the swelling was insane – my boobs literally looked like headlights and did not have the natural droop I was expecting at all. But Dr Janna explained that the swelling is normal and will reduce after a few weeks. He prescribed me pain medication and also provided me with a compression bra to keep the dressings in place and protect my new breasts. I wore the compressions for about two weeks. 

Activity wise, I was advised to wait at least three weeks before lifting my arms or engaging in any upper body activity. I was told not to wear an underwire bra for at least six weeks, as they can irritate the stitches under my breasts. To keep my blood flowing and prevent any cramps, Dr Janna encouraged me to do some light walking and not lie down too much. Dr Janna also taught me how to look out for any leakages, and advised me to buy a well-fitting bra to provide good support once I’m healed. 

Settling In Of Implants

After four to five weeks, the swelling went down significantly and I could slowly ease back into my everyday routine. By the sixth week, I was moving about more freely and felt much better. Swelling had completely gone down after 8 weeks and I could finally see the final form of my new breasts. For those wondering, I went back to work after five days post surgery. You can probably go back on the 3rd or 4th day, but I wanted to be safe. 

I appreciated that Dr Janna went into great detail about how he does the surgery, and his recommendations for my body. I felt included and respected every step of the way. Most surgeons wouldn’t bother and would either give you a size too big or too small, but Dr Janna closely advised based on my body type and preferences. 


Now that I am completely healed, I am extremely satisfied with the shape and look of my breasts and feel much more confident about my body. The scars are barely visible too! I love the look of my new breasts so much and highly recommend Nassim Plastic Surgery to anyone considering a boob job. 


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