My Nose Thread Lift Review @ Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

My flat “Asian” nose has always been a bother. When applying makeup, I would make sure to spend extra time to contour the nose area to “give myself” a sharper nose. The thought of going for a nose job crossed my mind many times but I was afraid to undergo surgery.

One day, I came across Dr Edwin’s Instagram which featured the nose thread lift procedure and this piqued my interest in minimally invasive nose enhancement procedures. Whilst doing my research, I read many articles and reviews from different sources about nose fillers and nose threads. I messaged several clinics for a price quote and Dr Edwin’s clinic was the most prompt and helpful. Their friendly and knowledgeable clinic manager answered all my questions over the phone and invited me down for a non-obligatory consultation with Dr Edwin.

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

I chose to visit Dr Edwin’s Changi City Point clinic over the weekend as I stay in the east. Of note, he also has a clinic at Lucky Plaza which makes follow up reviews very convenient for me as I work in town. Dr. Edwin was very detailed in his consult and patiently explained the differences between nose fillers and nose threads. I was surprised and slightly alarmed to learn that nose fillers carry the risk of blindness and skin ulcers. Furthermore, depending on the type of fillers used, there is a chance that the nose may widen/broaden over time, giving rise to the term “avatar nose”. Nose threads, on the other hand, are safer and do not carry such risks. Convinced that the procedure was safe and effective, I opted for the ultra v hiko nose thread lift treatment.

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Before starting, Dr Edwin numbed my entire nose, picking five points to inject local anaesthesia. This felt like small ant bites and when it came near to the nose tip, I felt like sneezing. I felt grateful that Dr Edwin’s assistant applied ice to the injection area to minimize discomfort before each injection. After a few minutes, the nose was entirely numb. Honestly, I could vaguely feel the threads been inserted, however, there was zero pain and I was pleasantly surprised how smooth the treatment went.

I had shared earlier that my main aim was for a sharper, natural-looking nose with an emphasis on the natural part. Dr Edwin was very reassuring the entire time and after the 6th thread, we discussed if more threads were needed or if I had any additional concerns/requests. Truth be told, I pretty much went along with his recommendations and the result was exactly what I wanted – nice, sharper, natural-looking nose.


Before and after thread lift front

Before and after thread lift side image

Dr Edwin prescribed me a 3-day course of oral antibiotics as well as an intensive recovery cream to minimize swelling and bruising. I was ready to take 2 days MC beyond the weekend for recovery, but this was not needed! There was no bruising and swelling was minimal. The next day, I could already head out and meet my friends! It has been 2 months since the procedure some of my friends have asked if I lost weight, but no one has ever questioned if my nose is “done”.

I love my new nose!

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