My Potenza Experience with Dr Isaac Wong: Acne Scars are Fixed!

I have been plagued with acne scars since my teenage years. I've tried many types of treatment over the years, including the Fractional CO2 laser acne treatment multiple times (7 times to be exact!),  but only saw very mild improvements. It also came with severe downtime (rawness of face, scabs formation, pain, swelling, bleeding, can’t go out for 5 days). As a result, my skin became extremely sensitive and did not help with my acne breakouts at all.

Due to all these factors, I developed a fear of doing acne scar treatments and did not do any treatments for 5 years after. After that period, I found Dr. Isaac Wong on Instagram and saw his posts about Potenza. It was marketed as the latest acne scar treatment machine in Singapore and allegedly better than Infini and secret microneedling radiofrequency treatments — that definitely piqued my interest. I decided to message Dr. Wong to find out more about Potenza.

He was extremely patient in explaining how the treatment works and told me that Potenza is a new type of microneedling radiofrequency treatment and can be used for a myriad of skin problems, such as acne scars, dead skin cells, dark spots and more. I was definitely ecstatic, as I've read a lot of good reviews about how microneedling radiofrequency stimulates collagen and can treat acne scarring regardless of your skin type or tone.

I also did my research on CynoSure (the creators of Potenza) and found out that Dr Isaac Wong is their international speaker for Picosure, Sculpsure, TempSure, StimSure, Potenza and Vitalia. Initially, I hoped to read more about Potenza from other aesthetic clinics in Singapore just to see what's the hype but to no avail, which I found puzzling at first. Then of course, I discovered that due to Dr Isaac Wong's close relations with CynoSure, The Artisan Clinic is the first and only clinic in Singapore to have Potenza.

Knowing this made me way more curious and excited and so, I decided to take the plunge again and try out Potenza to fix my acne scars.


As you can see, the results are fantastic! Well, at least to me. I am extremely satisfied and happy. Finally my acne scars are reduced and not just that, my skin looks brighter, pores smaller and complexion looks so much better overall! The best part is I went for only one session -- talk about time and money saving.

Downtime wise, I only had redness for 2 days; but it wasn't anything like a post inflammatory effect and looked more like a sunburn. A far contrast compared to something like a chemical peel. I experienced some dryness on my skin too but it was expected as explained by Dr. Wong and very manageable with the healing products and creams the clinic prescribed. He advised me on a skin care routine too. I was able to go to work the next day as per usual.

Apart from the fantastic results, my treatment experience with Dr. Wong was brilliant too. He was very patient and thoroughly analysed my acne scars before going ahead to recommend Potenza. He also took the time to explain the whole Potenza treatment process to me, reassuring my concerns. Thumbs up to his friendly staff too!

Dr Isaac Wong also showed me his amazing Potenza before after photos for acne scars, open pores, pigmentation, loose skin, wrinkled skin etc. and patient reviews from his chat logs.

Initially I was quite nervous about doing the treatment due to my past bad experiences with acne scar treatments, but to my pleasant surprise it was super bearable. Pain was manageable as well; about a 2/10. For the results Potenza delivers, I'm very surprised the pain is so little.

I highly recommend Potenza to anyone with acne scars. Not only did it fix my acne scars, I also noticed a skin tightening effect after 3-4 weeks, similar to if I did a facelift.

Apparently, Potenza comes with a Monopolar RF function, just like Thermage. When I compared my own jawline and neck skin in the clinic’s photos, I was surprised to find that my skin looks tightened overall. My skin did feel more supple, but the difference was all the more obvious in the before/after photos. Needless to say,  Potenza was a value for money treatment for me - I got extra lifting effects even though my concern was acne scars. Super satisfied and happy overall, I'm never doing a laser treatment again!

If you're suffering from acne scars like me and don't see results from other treatments, Potenza may work for you like it did for me. I know I'll definitely head back again to give my face the TLC it needs. Fortunately the clinic is located right in town at Paragon so I can pop by anytime I want. Thank you Dr. Isaac Wong!


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