My Ultra V Lift Experience in Singapore with Dr Isaac Wong (Korean Threadlift Review)

I am so excited to let you know about the latest aesthetic treatment I got! If you are an avid reader of my blog, you will notice that I love doing improvements on my face and body—all because I want to look youthful! Who doesn’t want that, right?

I have wanted to get a facelift, but I am definitely not a fan of going under the knife. So, when I heard about “threadlifting”, I got curious and decided to check it out. Here’s what I have discovered!

Threadlifts have been in the aesthetic scene for quite some time. The earlier methods used were done with large threads, usually around 2 to 4 in number. The procedure was a bit invasive—more akin to a surgical procedure.

V Lift

The latest type of threadlift available was developed by Dr. Kwon Han Jin, a South Korean aesthetic dermatologist and surgeon. His technique, called Ultra V Lift, made use of a handful of smaller threads. The procedure aimed to mimic the same results given by surgical facelifts, but with minimal downtime and discomfort. A lot of celebrities have raved about this treatment as it is quick (perfect for their hectic life!) and effective.

 I have actually tried other non-invasive facelift procedures, like Ulthera and Thermage. They both worked well for me, but I’ll attest that the Ultra V Lift worked wonders!

Speaking of wonders, you might be wondering why I wanted to do a facelift procedure. Well, my face is already starting to show symptoms of ageing (yes, unfortunately) and, as advised, prevention is always better than cure! I was told that early treatment of these symptoms will help slow down the process of skin ageing.

V Lift Areas

What are the symptoms of aging?

Facial creases or folds you may notice across the cheeks, sides of the lips, and upper part of the face. Another sign is sagging skin. This may be noticeable around the eyebrow, cheeks, jowls, and neck area. Let’s not forget those dark circles under our eyes that make us look like stressed out pandas.

Now, it is very important that to know that the success of whatever aesthetic treatment you plan to undertake does not only lie on the procedure itself. The skill and knowledge of the doctor handling your treatment is vital. You have to ensure that your face is in good hands!

It took me some time to decide on a doctor to handle my threadlift procedure as there are a lot of competent doctors in Singapore (this is true!). I did a lot of research and read reviews online, then finally settled for a doctor whose experience is vast and specializes in threadlift procedures. Having that in the bag, I contacted the clinic and booked myself for an assessment!

With Dr Israr Wong

First, let me introduce you to my doctor. I chose Dr Isaac Wong because of his strong focus on performing threadlifts with results similar to that of a surgical facelift, but with only the use of threads or energy devices! He has a huge amount of expertise in aesthetic procedures such as Thermage or Ulthera and he even trains other aesthetic doctors for Dysport and Merz Aesthetics. I found his resume impressive, and when I met him in person, I was extremely pleased to see the beautiful and chic interior of his clinic. His service was also very friendly and classy, and I was happy that I chanced upon such a gem.

During my assessment, Dr Isaac asked me what goal I wanted to achieve with my face. I confessed that I have always been bugged about my chubby cheeks. The onset of skin aging has made the sides of my cheeks droop a bit, due to the slowing down of my collagen production. The sagging has made my face look slightly rounder. At this point, he recommended the Ultra V Lift procedure to me.

For this threadlift procedure, I was told that only a few threads will be used. It got me worried at first because most of what I’ve read about threadlifts made mention of having to use plenty of threads to be able to get the desired lift (it also added to the cost!).

Dr Isaac Wong explained that this improved procedure uses threads that have “barbs.” The barbs cling on the skin securely resulting to a much effective way of lifting and tightening the skin. According to him, is a popular technique used in other Southeast Asian countries. It has also gained a popular following because it did a remarkable job in not only improving fine lines and wrinkle, but also improving the contours of the face—it efficiently lifts drooping skin in the jowl area, creating a V-shape jaw line. In addition, it continues to promote collagen production even after the threads have been dissolved and absorbed by the body.

After hearing the explanation, I honestly could not contain myself! I was so excited; I was like “I have to get this procedure done right this instant!”

So that’s what we did!

First up: face prep! My face was thoroughly cleansed to make sure that every bit of dirt and makeup was gone. Numbing cream was then applied onto areas on my face where the threads were to be inserted. This was to ensure that I wouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. If you have very low pain tolerance (like me!) you can opt for oral painkillers aside from the numbing cream. After the numbing cream and painkillers took effect, my face was marked with dots. These served as a guide for him to make sure that the threads are inserted accurately in their proper places.


Procedure proper. To get rid of my deep nasolabial folds (smile lines), Dr Isaac Wong recommended to combine dermal fillers together with my threadlift procedure. The fillers were injected and effectively ironed out about 80% of the ugly creases that ran along between the sides of my lips and cheeks when I smiled.


He then proceeded to insert the threads into my face. I had threads inserted at the sides of my cheeks. I instantly felt my cheeks tighten. A few threads were also placed under my eyes to lighten the dark circles. I am happy to say that I look less like a panda now and could even go without makeup for a full day! Talk about giving my face a breather from thick foundations!


The procedure was super quick that I was able to go home after the treatment. I was so amazed to see the before and after photos of my face! The Ultra V Threadliftdid a superb job in tightening and firming my chubby saggy cheeks! I love how the sides of my cheeks look slimmer (on my way to a V-shaped contour!).

Before-after procedure

For aftercare, I was given some oral medication to make my recovery time faster. I also applied cold compress to my cheeks as they were swelling a bit after the procedure. Not to worry, though. Side effects (e.g. bruising, redness, swelling) are only temporary.

After procedure

Every day my skin keeps getting better! This is because the threadlift continues to work underneath the skin even after the treatment. New collagen is being produced daily! The full results of the treatment will be visible 3 months after the treatment. It may take a bit of time, but as the saying goes, patience is a virtue!



I can definitely say that I am one very happy patient! Ultra V Lift did not let me down! My face looks slimmer now, and I think I just might come back to have my jaw line done so I can perfect my V-shape look!

If you are looking for a non-invasive, low downtime, and effective way to get a facelift Ultra V Lift is your best bet! Good luck!


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