New eyes, new me: my double eyelid procedure with Dr. Samuel Ho

Once upon a time, there was a lady named Melody Yap who did not like her single eyelids. At all. In fact, she hated them. That lady was me (haha). Single eyelids made me appear perpetually tired, and after years of feeling unhappy with them, I decided it was about time I did something about my looks. I was sick of feeling dissatisfied with my eyes. After all, they are the windows to the soul.

When I first met Dr Samuel Ho it was for a consultation session to seek his professional advice on the double eyelid surgery. Not only was he very warm and friendly, but he was very generous with his information, and took the time to explain the procedure clearly and in detail. He also answered all my questions, and boy I had a lot of them. My key takeaway from the first consultation was that there are actually two types of eyelid surgeries, and three different heights. 

I opted to have my eyelids tapered, and Dr Ho and I even discussed a range of things, such as my makeup habits, to help me decide if I should have low, mid, or high tapered lids. It turns out that I had double eyelids all along actually- But they were hidden (because of my excessive eye fat lol)! Due to my hidden double eyelids Dr Ho recommended the stitching technique for me. I also appreciated that Dr Ho had one more consult session with me before my surgery. I definitely wasn’t going to rescind or alter my decision, but it was relieving and great to know that I had that option.

Since the surgery, many friends have commented that I look much fresher and that my eye creases look very natural. One friend who I hadn’t met in a long time even told me, “haven’t you always had them?”. Suffice to say, I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome of my surgery.

Dr Samuel Ho and his team have helped me realise my lifelong dream. I now feel so much prettier with my medium-to-high tapered lids. And the best part is they don’t just look larger, but they suit my face too. Thank you, Dr Ho. You and your team have given me a new lease of life. 


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