Perking Up The Droop– My Double Eyelid Surgery Story

Hi everyone, my name is Regina and I’m writing this review to talk about my recent double eyelid surgical procedure at Artisan Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. The procedure is called Asian Blepharoplasty (I’m guessing because the ones who get it are mostly us monolid queens) and mine was done by Dr Vincent Tay

Just for some context, I’m a full-time content creator and mum of two beautiful baby boys. I lead an active life and part of my work as a content creator is providing honest reviews so other women get a clearer understanding of beauty procedures offered in Singapore. I would say I’m quite experienced when it comes to beauty procedures, I don’t get nervous or scared anymore. I know that as long as I choose the best doctors and clinics, my experience will be smooth sailing. 

When it comes to beauty procedures, I would say I’m quite minimalistic. My whole motto in life when it comes to beauty is preservation. I am not a fan of procedures that completely changes the way people look. I believe everyone has a beauty mark unique to them and it should be flaunted and preserved. I would say that this idea of beauty came from my days participating in beauty pageants where making drastic changes to one’s face was just not acceptable. 

So my beauty mark? Ironically, was my droopy eyes. As a kid, I was a little insecure about how my eyes looked. But in adulthood, my “look” landed me various opportunities, I knew my eyes were my strength so I learned to embrace it and take pride in it. Naturally, after having my boys, my body underwent some physical changes. My face was no exception, and I realised my eyes were getting droopier and my eyelids started slowly disappearing. 

beauty pageant
My pageantry experience taught me to embrace my facial features. 

The decision to get this procedure done wasn’t easy. My only hesitation was the worry that the surgeon would totally change my face, thinking that it would make me happy. It was important for me to find a doctor that knew how to “elevate” instead of making a complete structural change to my face. I was not going to settle for anything less than the best and that’s how I found myself at Artisan Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. 

The consultation was a real game-changer for me. After speaking with Dr Vincent, I knew he was the right man for the job. He showed me some examples of his past clients who also wanted minimal changes, and I could see he was experienced in making natural-looking changes. The consultation was super detailed, he took his time in explaining the surgery’s procedure and answering all of my concerns. Apparently, the muscle around our eyes weaken as we age and it can become more obvious after childbirth. His depth of knowledge got me booking an appointment date and ready to treat myself to some double-eyelid elevation. 

droopy eyes
Facial changes after bringing two precious boys into the world! 

One of my main issues was low pain tolerance and I was assured that the only pain present would be from the anaesthesia and apart from that, there will be no pain even during recovery. I also wanted to make sure that the procedure wouldn’t disrupt my day-to-day activities as I am quite busy with my sons. I was assured I would need one day's rest at most and then I could go about life as usual. 

Next thing I knew it was the day of the surgery.  I believe it took almost an hour to complete but time honestly passed so fast for me. During the surgery, they kept checking in on me to make sure I was comfortable. The most I felt was some pressure on my eyes and nothing more. Once I was done, I was prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication and was told to have an easy day. Right after the surgery, my eyes were swollen and the scars of the sutures were a little obvious. But I wasn’t worried. I knew this was part of the process. Immediately I could tell I looked more “awake” and younger. I was super excited to see the end result after the recovery period. I was sent home and asked to return in 5 days to remove the sutures. 

Before and after double eyelid surgery
Before and after the surgery.

To be honest, 5 days felt like forever, I was just super excited and couldn't wait to complete the procedure. By the 5th day, discolouration and swelling had reduced and it was time to head back to Artisan Clinic. I was prepped for the removal procedure and it was over within minutes! The removal process was also a painless one! The feeling of sutures being removed was oddly satisfying. When I got to look at myself without sutures I just squealed!  God, I was supremely delighted. 

Following my journey to getting double eyelid surgery! 

It’s been almost a week now since I’ve removed the sutures, any remnant of swelling has completely subsided. Guys, I am genuinely so happy I did this for myself! If I can describe this process in two words it would be: NO REGRETS! I just look like the young version of me and the number of compliments I’ve received has been doing my-self esteem so much good. 

I am so grateful to Dr Vincent Tay and his amazing team! They’re such professionals not just with their treatment but the way they treated me as a patient throughout the whole process. I just can’t recommend them enough! I have documented my whole journey on my Instagram, you can watch it on my ARTISAN PS highlights! Just leave me a dm if you have any questions and I am happy to help! 

after eyelid surgery
Here’s me, one-week post-suture removal. 


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