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I had some freckles on my face and temple area (very light) and 1 dark pigmented spot near my right ear called Solar Lentigo! These pigments have bothered me for some time and I finally had the courage to try pico laser treatment at Become Aesthetics Clinic at the Capitol Piazza, City Hall (the newly opened branch). I consulted  Dr Law and was impressed with his knowledge and experience in tackling pigmentation issues. After my thorough skin assessment, I was escorted to clean and numb my face before he did the laser treatment.

Numbing cream being applied to make sure procedure is painless

Three steps of different laser pulses were used, mainly to break down my skin pigments for my body to discharge naturally, followed by MicroLens Array (MLA) pico laser to trigger skin healing abilities and stimulate collagen growth. Lastly, a higher power short pulse laser was used to target my Solar Lentigo problem. I’m now counting on the dark spot to form a scab and drop off! I’m glad that Dr Law also targeted my acne scar and large pore size area with a slightly stronger laser pulse when doing the MLA pico laser treatment.

Pico Laser
Being Pico-ed by Dr Law

A few days after my first session,  my pores shrunk and my acne scar lightened. Scabs didn’t form on my problem areas but I wasn’t in a hurry to squash them off. With some positive results, I looked forward to my second visit in the upcoming month for follow-up treatment.

After three rounds of pico laser treatment, I was happy that the dark pigmented spot near my right ear called Solar Lentigo lightened was almost invisible.  This large pigment has bothered me for some time and Become Aesthetics Clinic has helped me get rid of it finally.

On each visit, Dr Law examined my skin condition and adjusted the laser power accordingly. I’m glad that Dr Law also helped to lighten my acne scar and large pore size area with a slightly stronger laser pulse. After my skin recovered from laser pulse bombardment (usually two days after treatment), it appeared to tighten, had an even skin tone and best of all, was glowing radiantly!

A before and after so you can see the difference for yourself!

Pico laser is an FDA-approved laser treatment that targets all sorts of skin pigments. It also provides benefits such as skin brightening and rejuvenation without much downtime or side effects. Those that are keen can make an appointment to get a thorough skin assessment, just click here to enquire or to book an appointment.


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