Rehabbing a ATFL injury with The Sports & Physio Care Centre: A national athlete shares

I have been a national athlete for 13 years, and the biggest nightmare of my journey has always been injuries. Sustaining my first major injury of a torn AITFL & ATFL in my right ankle has made me very careful and learned the importance of recovery, rehabilitation, and strength training.

I was injury-free from 2014 till 2021 when I injured myself again during a training session and after an MRI scan, I am once again diagnosed with a completely torn ATFL in my left ankle this time. Having gone through the previous experience in 2014, I knew I have to work with a physio team that is experienced and someone that understands the needs of my sport.

That is where I reached out to The Sports & Physio Care Centre to find out more about their method of treatment for my torn ATFL. The biggest hurdle I had to deal with previously in 2014 was regaining my range of motion[ROM], which their treatment method would be best suited for the injury to heal & not lose much of my ROM.

Throughout my 13 weeks of physio work with them, they have constantly provided me with updates and tested my ankle to help me regain my confidence in executing maneuvers that I use to do before my injury. Most importantly, after the 13 weeks of treatment and constant follow-up with them, I was pain-free from the injury.

I strongly recommend their services to everyone that is dealing with any kind of injury, they will provide the best treatment and personal care in ensuring you can regain your original form in the shortest possible time.


The Sports Care Centre

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