Rhinoplasty: Singapore bloggers tell all

It is definitely no longer a secret that a lot of Asians feel inferior about their noses. Unlike the noses of other races that are well-defined, such as European and American, an Asian nose would be very easy to distinguish in a crowd. How? Two parts are usually the best give away: the nose tip and the nasal bridge.

Asian noses have very distinct soft, round tips and low nose bridges.

Rhinoplasty, also known as “nose job” has been developed to address this aesthetic woe. Among all the procedures in plastic surgery, this may be the most common facial improvement availed by patients.

This article sums up the experiences of Singapore bloggers who took the courage and went under the knife in order to achieve their desired nose. If you are curious about this aesthetic procedure and are thinking of getting one, be sure to read up until the very end to know more about rhinoplasty.

1. Plastically prettified: Rhinoplasty by Vanny

Vanny shares at the start of her blog review that she has always entertained the thought of getting a nose job or a Rhinoplasty. She was not able to get it into fruition, up until a friend had her nose done. Vanny says that her interest in getting a nose job sparked again when she saw that the procedure was not complex and frightening as how people perceive it to be.

Prior to getting a nose job, Vanny reveals that she did extensive research about the topic. This included looking into photos of celebrities she knew that had their noses done, reading one blogger’s extensive review about her Rhinoplasty experience and most importantly, deciding on a doctor and place where to get her nose job done.

Normally, people had their Rhinoplasty done in either Thailand or South Korea. Vanny wanted hers to be done in Seoul, however as she honestly admits in her blog, she was not able to do so because she could not afford the costs. She found a Vietnamese doctor that trained in South Korea, but was practicing in Vietnam. Counting the cost, Vanny decided to fly to Ho Chi Minh City to have her nose job done.

Vanny shares that she had to fast a day before her surgery. Her last meal was Banh Mi for dinner. The next morning, she headed off to the clinic where she was to have her nose assessed. Upon arrival at the clinic, Vanny narrates that she was led to a consultation room where she was asked about her expectations. After this, the clinic attendant took photos of her face in various angles prior to doing the 3D Vectra program, The 3D Vectra is a device that enables a patient to see the before and after photos of a procedure in order for the patient to have an idea how the results of her surgery would look like after completion.

After this step, Vanny says that she gave her go signal for the surgery. She was then registered and accompanied to a hospital where her vital signs were taken before the actual surgery. At the hospital, Vanny mentions that she met the plastic surgeon and another consultation was done. As part of her nose’s augmentation, a part of her ear cartilage was to be extracted and used as a means to extend her nose tip.

Vanny recounts her time as she reclined on the operating bed. A doctor gave her a dose of general anaesthesia and she was in slumber land. Three hours later, she remembers waking up and feeling nauseated, and then she was knocked out of consciousness again.

Vanny breathed through her mouth some days after her surgery as her nose healed.

Vanny recalls that after the operation, she felt sick with nausea and had a difficult time in breathing. Thick rolls of cotton were stuck up her nostrils to soak in the blood that dripped from her nose. She says that she threw up all night and was not able to sleep well as there were times that she almost choked herself because of closing her mouth. She breathed through her mouth during the first night as her nose was basically unusable.

A part of Vanny’s ear cartilage was used to give her a much sharper nose tip.

The following day, Vanny shares that she was discharged from the hospital. During the next days, she was able to eat soft food. She was told to exclude seafood, dark soy sauce, chilli, and alcohol for the succeeding 2 weeks after her surgery. She also advices to stay clear from smoke in order to keep the wounds inside the nose clean! She recounts being able to recover 80% of her breathing on the fourth day after her surgery.

Vanny’s nose looks well-defined as compared to its previous state.

One week after the surgery, Vanny tells that she went back to the clinic for a post operation appointment. This was the day when her nose’s cast and suture were removed. Her nose got a thorough cleaning as well. Vanny’s blog review did not mention any flaw and overall she was happy that she was able to achieve a much more defined, but natural looking nose.

Vanny is one satisfied patient!

For costs, Vanny estimates her plastic surgery at an approximate of SGD 2,000. This is exclusive of airfare, hotel accommodation, and other expenses.

To read Vanny’s entire nose job adventure at Ho Chi Minh City, click here.

2. Plastic surgery by Cyndi

Cyndi’s desire to get a nose job started when she was still very small. As she reveals in her blog review, she remembers getting teased by her mom because of her wide and flat nose. She also had a bulbous nose tip, which she disliked.

So, after several long years, Cyndi finally finds time to get her nose augmentation!

Cyndi has always dreamed of getting a nose augmentation due to her unflattering nose since she was a little kid.

One tip that Cyndi shares, before fully embarking on your nose augmentation journey, is to do ample research. Learn about the things you need to be prepared for, as well as reputable clinics and doctors who can perform your nose job.  For her part, Cyndi shares the list of things that she prepared prior to her surgery. This included photos of the type of nose that she wanted.

Cyndi reveals that she flew all the way to South Korea to get her Rhinoplasty

On her first visit to the clinic, Cyndi says that she got a doctor’s consultation. Photos of the different angles of her face were taken. These photos were used for the doctor to evaluate. Upon evaluation, the doctor recommended doing augmentations to four parts of Cyndi’s nose: the nose bridge area, her “bulbous” nose tip, alars, and alar rims.

You may have read in other articles about the challenge of having a language barrier whenever getting plastic surgery done abroad. Cyndi shares that she had a language interpreter to translate all her questions and concerns to her doctor.

No breathing through the nose for two days as Cyndi’s nose were blocked with “packings” as it healed.

On the day of her surgery, Cyndi remembers being so calm. She was led into the surgery room and the last statement her interpreters narrated to her, before she zonked out, was that her doctor was “drawing some designs” on her nose. When Cyndi woke up, the surgery was already done! She mentions that she felt no pain, probably because of the anaesthesia that was used on her during the surgery. She was not able to breathe properly through her nose for two days due to the “packings” that were stuffed inside. The only discomfort she felt during the recovery period was a blocked and runny nose.

The days following her surgery were “swelling days.” Cyndi shares that her face swelled badly. However, the swelling started to dissipate by the third day of her recovery period. She was already able to breathe from her nose by this time as the packings were removed one day earlier.

Cyndi’s face was extremely swollen two days after her surgery, but she assures her readers that there was not a single pain that she felt.

Cyndi reveals that her right ear was also bruised. This was because a part of her ear cartilage was taken in order to build her alars and nose tip.

By the fifth day of her recovery, Cyndi tells that the bandages on her nose were removed and she got another round of nose cleaning. The clinic also did a “de-swelling” treatment on her face to hasten the swelling reduction. Two days later, Cyndi writes that she was back in the clinic to have all her sutures removed. The doctor came to check Cyndi’s nose, gave her final instructions of what not to do in the succeeding two months following her operation, and assured her that her current swelling nose will fall into the correct contour after two months. Patience is the key!

Cyndi’s doctor was able to achieve the nose she always dreamed of!

To conclude her four-part blog review, Cyndi shares her before and after photos. The change on her nose is truly remarkable! One cannot even tell that she underwent a nose job as her nose looks so natural! Cyndi also shares a video in this last blog.

Head on to the first part of Cyndi’s nose job journey to read her first-hand experience on Rhinoplasty!

3. My plastic surgery experience – by Alexis Cheong

The Rhinoplasty surgery experience of Alexis starts with some tips about how she was able to find the doctor and clinic to do her surgery. She shares that she flew straight to South Korea to have her nose augmentation done.

The doctor explains the nitty-gritty of the nose augmentation surgery to Alexis.

A pre-surgery consult was done during her first visit to the clinic. During the consultation, Alexis shares that she did not fill out any form, but photos of her facial profile were taken. Her doctor then assessed her nose. Alexis inserts that she had a translator during her consultation. The doctor drew the outline of the nose that Alexis can expect to see after her nose job. It was explained to her that a silicon implant will be placed to raise her nose bridge and a part of her ear cartilage will be used to create a sharper nose tip. She further adds that a digital imagery of her nose was not needed as she trusted that her doctor knew what was best for her facial features.

On the day of her surgery, Alexis narrates that her doctor explained the procedure of her surgery and informed her of an additional step to the surgery of her nose: paranasal implants were to be done in her mouth and she had to be on a liquid diet for almost 2 weeks.

Alexis shares that, before the start of her surgery, local anaesthesia was administered to her. She mentions that other surgeries used general anaesthesia on their patients. She says that the local anaesthesia is much safer to use and the healing period is quicker. Alexis was awake all throughout the surgery. She recalls hearing and feeling everything that was going on around her, but at the same time she felt no pain despite being semi-conscious during the 5-hour long procedure.

A nose cast is placed on the nose of Alexis to keep her silicone implants secured in their place.

A day after the procedure, Alexis shares that she had to go back to the clinic for a post-op procedure. She was given a shot of antibiotic injection as part of the clinic’s safety procedure. The gauze on her nose was removed; however the cast remained in order to keep the implant in place. She was given facemasks and some medications for aftercare.

Up until the sixth day following her surgery, Alexis writes that all she ate was porridge. Earlier in her blog, it was mentioned that she was to undergo a liquid diet due to the paranasal implants that were placed inside her mouth.

A breath of relief finally came as the cast on the nose of Alexis was finally removed on the seventh day after her surgery. By day eight, she comments that the swelling on her nose has gone down. All of the sutures on the nose of Alexis were at last removed on the twelfth day after her operation. Alexis mentions feeling a bit of pain when the stitches were removed.

A comparison of the before and after facial profile photos of Alexis shows a very distinct change in the contour of her nose and her entire face.

Alexis says she was “very in love” with the outcome of the improvements done on her face. She also says that she received positive reactions from her family and friends.

To end her 2-part blog review, Alexis includes some FAQs. If you wish to know more about her entire Rhinoplasty experience, you can proceed to her blog through this link.

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